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Introducing Mono Bass – Renaming Contest

Two items of news here.

1) We have a new plugin for you guys. It’s a simple little guy that collapses your low frequencies to mono. It’s a very handy tool for fixing any wide low end issues. It’s incredibly easy to use and can really tighten up a track.

This plugin will be free until Jan 1, then I’m going to bump the price up to $25, so snag it now. You can download it here:

2) We named it Mono Bass. That name sucks. We need a new name, so I’m going to hold a naming contest. You can enter the contest and read the rules here:

Note: Keep in mind that if you already have a user account on, you still have to register on the forum. You can use your same name/password. I know that sucks. I tried to migrate all my user accounts over to the forum last night and it almost took my site down.


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