Why do I need a plugin for a tool that every daw has?

Yes, this plugin is a pan knob in plugin format. But the truth is, the way traditional pan knobs work kind of sucks for headphone listeners, and according to polls, about 87% of people listen to their music on headphones. Have you ever listened to a mix that had one instrument panned hard to one side? It sounds ok on monitors, but sounds awful on headphones. That’s because traditional panning don’t take headphone listeners into consideration.

Have you ever heard a mix where you have two distinct guitar tones panned to opposite sides, but one dominates the low end and makes the entire mix feel lopsided? That’s because traditional panning treats all frequencies equally, even though our ears don’t.

Pan Knob overcomes this by having a smarter panning algorithm. One that keeps your low frequencies unpanned so that it sounds natural in headphones. It doesn’t do any room simulation, so it isn’t going to mess up your mono mixdown.

Convenient options

Aside from just sounding better, it has a few options to make it more convenient to use. It has a quick “Pan Swap” that will give you the opposite panning position with the click of a button. It has quick one button settings for the most used pan positions. You can choose which pan law is used, and choose between Balance and Pan for your stereo tracks.

Beyond 100%

Sometimes you need to pan a little wider than 100% to either side. Pan Knob lets you go to 120%, to give extra width when you need it.

More Panning Opportunities

When panning with Pan Knob, a whole new world of panning is opened up to you as a mixer. Because it sounds natural wherever you pan your tracks, you aren’t limited by the traditional panning rules that have become standard. You can pan any tracks wherever you want while keeping it sounding good and natural.

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5 reviews for Pan Knob

  1. Cormagic

    Always a fan of Boz stuff. I tried this out on hard panned electric guitars and I can’t go back now. It sounds like 2 guitars in a room, as opposed to 2 guitars jammed into your ears. Very natural sounding. At the intro price of 10 bucks this is a no brainer. This plugin makes life a lot easier.

  2. IBlack85

    Seeing this listed at such a low price, I just had to pick it up and check it out and needless to say I’m so glad I did. Such a great little plugin that’s definately not to be underestimated. Once you’re done stage panning everything out with this little beauty, your track will just sound so much more natural and bigger than if you were to just use a standard panner. 5 stars for the win!

  3. frnkfrkl

    Always something pertinent. Boz always seems to come up with solutions to things that have been bugging me for years. His plugins are like always having the perfect size socket wrench when you’re fixing your car. No more saying, “Jeez, I wish I could….”. Boz probably has a plugin that will do the job. No frills, just nuts and bolts and totally useful. Dig it.

  4. Karmoon

    Boz make some pretty audacious claims with this plugin. They manage to deliver.

    I am much happier with the results and control I get from this plugin compare to others. There are other plugins that can get the same results, to be sure. However, this plugin is something that fits right into your tool box.

    Efficiency and workflow are very important to musicians and engineers alike, and this plugin seems to have been made with that in mind. A real workhorse plugin.

    Highly recommended. Difficult to fault, really.

    Try the demo and see for yourself.

  5. jkuehlin

    This is stupid and redundant! Who the hell needs two panners?? Is this a joke? – Right? Actually… its anything but that. Its a HIGHLY functional and usable tool that someone should have invented ages ago. If you take the a quick second to watch the video demonstration, I think you will instantly be sold on a game-changing workflow plugin!!!


Pan Knob Demonstration

Pan Knob Demonstration

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