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Note for M1 Mac Users: This plugin is not yet compiled to work natively on M1 Macs. We are currently in the process of rewriting it so that it will, but it will take some time. In the meantime, it should work under rosetta on M1 Macs.

Unlike other gates, Gatey Watey enables you to zero in on precisely the frequency range you want attenuate without the hit-or-miss tweaking of complicated controls, yielding excellent results regardless of your skill level.

Available Formats






  • Frequency selective gating
  • Lookahead
  • Simple Interface
  • No Learning Curve

Gates are one of those standard effects that everyone uses and, if we’re being honest, hard to get excited about. But Gatey Watey takes a different approach to gating that can give you much more natural control over your noise floor. Typical gating turns down the volume when it drops below the threshold. Simple enough. Gatey Watey takes this a step further and lets you turn down only the high (or low) frequencies, which provides a much more natural sounding gate in many situations.

Gatey Watey—Just the Facts:

  • Frequency-selective gating
  • Look-ahead preserves transients
  • No gate chatter
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • No learning curve

22 reviews for Gatey Watey


    Wonderful plugin, but haven’t been able to use it for quite some time now unfortunately… please make it M1-native ready for all of us Mac users as soon as possible!!!

  2. bgrichting

    C’mon guys, still no M1 support when M3 Macs have just been released! Really? Great plugin, but useless if I cannot run it in Pro Tools natively. Rosetta should be retired by now…

  3. Tre’ Ossmann

    Love this gate plugin! Gatey Watey is my go to drum gate when it comes to cleaning up and fixing problems. Excellent for killing excessive tom rumble/ringing without choking out the sound completely. Can also be used to tighten up a kick drums low end or clean up unwanted room noise. Low CPU footprint as well, so you can use it all over your individual drum tracks without worrying about resource consumption.

  4. Andrei Lobadin

    This is the best combination of quality, versatility, design and work in general! This plugin cannot be called simple – but every time you reveal its huge potential with such interest! Great plugin!

  5. jaeger28

    Great on guitars, lets you let the lower frequencies ring out while single coil hiss on fade out of notes is smoothly blended out. Works superb without noticeable latency. Keeps the notes intact.

  6. rickskii

    Used regularly across my mixes. Looks great and super easy to use.

  7. Andrei Lobadin

    Being for so many years the user of plugins of this respected company, I can say only one thing – Gatey Watey is the next (and not the last) success of these children! How beautiful are their free plugins, which have helped me in my work so many times, as great are their older brothers! Gatey Watey and the rest of the plugins are a cartridge-clip for each project! Thank you, inspiration and creativity! PS – and don ‘t forget about fun competitions for plugin names!)))

  8. kevinsparks

    Perfect for taking out the bleed in tracks without completely muting. The only way to improve it would be adding a midi out for triggering drum samples

  9. cochrane.wayne

    Love Boz plugins and I bought Gatey Watey with hopes that you will add a key input. That would make it the best utility plugin ever.

  10. jacek_sniecikowski

    Amazing on removing hihat bleed from the snare. Works really well for Nolly’s trick shown in his session from Nail The Mix.

  11. shil44444

    I wish this plugin had a sidechain input.

  12. Love the gate, but having a problem where every time I open a session with the plugin engaged I have to re-enter my username and serial number, any knowledge of why this might be happening and how to fix it?

  13. ethermusic1981

    Gatey Watey is extremely useful and inexpensive to boot.
    It also sports one of the best GUIs I’ve ever seen on a VST. (Imperial Delay is another one of my favorite GUIs, although I don’t own that one yet.)

  14. info15

    Gating 2.0. I used two instances on a snare drum signal with great success: 1 to roll off the highs of the hi-hat spill (darkening the hi-hat, but still have it audible) and 1 for removing the kick drum a little (but not everything else!). I also used it on a guitar track to remove the amp hiss between parts, but not remove the room sound between parts completely. Tons of creative uses! Very exciting!

  15. ben mroffkey

    Very nice

  16. oldgearzer

    This is one GREAT Gate! Removes the bad stuff, like low frequency rumble, without breathing, cutting out word tails and so on. I use it as a noise reduction unit for Voice Over recording and have found it’s the best, most transparent way to get rid of LA sound buildup (traffic, UPS and garbage trucks) without compromising the sound. Very Well done and highly recommended!

  17. HugoBkk

    Love it on guitar .. Thanks

  18. Very interesting, smooth action, beuatiful interface! I would be happy to have it in my live mixing console 🙂

  19. works great and looks awesome .. thanks

  20. Heggele

    Very nice! I also love the lookahead feature! However I am missing a second release for the “remaining” signal when in high pass or low pass mode. That would be absolutely killer!

  21. Viktorovics

    Great for guitars

  22. schramy

    Its Fab. Great job Boz. Love how it cleans up without destroying.

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