When 2 dogs love each other…

more dogs just seem to come out of nowhere. And that’s what Bark of Dog 2 is. Now with 2 different modes (and a “combo” mode) you have more options on ways to clean up your low end. Classic mode continues the legacy of version 1. The original Bark of Dog became a staple plugin in studios around the world for a good reason. It’s easy to use and it works. In version 2, you get the same controls, but they are a little more intuitive.

New Passive Mode

The passive mode is almost the complete opposite from Classic mode. In fact, it is designed to work like a the simultaneous boost and attenuation of a famous passive EQ. Essentially, it lets you boost your low end without getting muddy. It’s an awesome trick, and Bark of Dog 2 makes it so you can do it with one simple knob turn.

Combo Mode

This third mode is actually just the first two modes put together. Really what it does is lets you boost the low end like you would in passive mode, but cuts out some of the super low stuff so you don’t blow your speakers. It basically lets you push it harder than you would normally be able to. I thought it was a nice touch, so I put it in.


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24 reviews for Bark of Dog

  1. fernando


  2. Yarron Katz

    The description of this plugin as “… a way to boost the low end while still keeping it under control” is exactly how this plugin works. But the description sells itself very short as to the it’s incredible usefulness with it’s simplistic elegance and it’s smooth yet tight character. I tried it initially simply as a matter of curiosity. Now I have this plugin on almost every channel be it for the Mix or the Master. For Sound Designers this is one of the most valuable plugins I’ve had the pleasure of using. It works astonishingly well to redefine the low end almost like an exciter for sound effects to either re-characterize the sound completely or to tweak them to better work in conjunction with other sounds. It also works as astonishingly well as a bass equalizer for orchestral music with it’s ability to remove low end rumble while simultaneously enhancing the bass with a sense of pleasing natural acoustic warmth. Quite frankly this plugin has no right to be free. I hope this review can do you a small amount of the justice this plugin has done for me. I am indebted to you.

    Yarron Katz
    Sonic Brilliance Studios

  3. pedrolima

    Awesome. I’m amazed with the simplicity and the easy use to shape a bass content.
    Thanks Boz team!

  4. southoffive

    Love it way cleaner than V.OG

  5. bxebeats

    how do u download the vst??? anyone help

  6. henrylima2004

    Hey bxebeats, for download press add to cart, then go to view cart, then proceed to checkout, the create an user and password, then place order and finally choose pc or mac download.

  7. dogancan


  8. tom3

    Loving the plug-in, but it stopped working when I upgraded my Pro Tools machine to Yosemite, so dropped back to Mavericks. Any word on Yosemite support yet?

  9. ohelloron

    I use FL studio 12 (64 bit), and I installed Bark of Dog to my VST folder, but it doesn’t show up among my plugins, even after a deep scan and a plugin refresh. I’m looking forward to trying it out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  10. boka

    fantastic!!! thanks to all…..

  11. phillysoulman


  12. Whtrz

    ohelloron – I have the same issue – have downloaded all the files into my VST folder and Ableton can’t see them. I don’t know why they insist on having Installation files, why not just download the individual dlls???

  13. Scalone

    Amazing plugin, very helpful!

  14. Kenneth W Bateman

    I think in the tutorial video, he reverses the with more amplitude and with less amplitude descriptions while the EQ graphs are shown on screen. He describes it at around 4:00 min on the video counter. ? Or I’m wrong and it just seems backwards in my head, that can happen once in awhile.

  15. Kenneth W Bateman

    I think in the tutorial video, he reverses the; with more amplitude and with less amplitude descriptions, while the EQ graphs are shown on screen. Or I’m wrong and it just seems backwards in my head. Great plug in simple and effective , better and more convenient than others I have so I’ll use it a lot

  16. keihrob27

    Dude!! Great Plugin!! 100 % Useful!!!!

  17. hayskeys

    Such an easy to use plugin. While everything Bark of a Dog does can be done in any EQ, this provides an easy to use and nice looking interface. For low-end in particular, it’s nice to have some big red bars showing output levels and the big red bars in this plugin make adding and taming low end easy. I use this all the time and for the low price of free, I would recommend it to anyone.

  18. Rob Stratford

    Bark of Dog 2 is a peach. Throw it on a snare track with a boost between 160 and 200Hz. Adds all the ‘Whap’ you need, with no need to mess around with additional resonant filters or passive EQ’s. I really dig the first version, but the new modes make it super versatile for any situation. Thanks a million Boz! ARF!

  19. losrack

    Amazing on synth stuff, kicks, bass.

    I used to spend a lot of time tweaking bass frequencies and fighting the muddiness and low energy cuts. Now is a lot of pleasure to perform this task in a very short time.

  20. greenroom

    This is great, and many thank you’s for keeping BofD v1 available and in tact — much respect!!! Zero hiccup to workflow.

  21. sound

    Inspiration! Hearing a great song makes me want to play, and working with a great plugin makes me want to mix. I just lost two hours of my life with this thing, and it’s great! Thanks!

  22. juanestbanz

    y cannot run the Bark of Dog…..I need a serial number, can you help me please

  23. Nejati

    This thing is perfect for Synths and Basses. Awesome for Kicks and Snares. However, my favorite use for it is on vocals. Especially, when working with a lower tone vocalist. The way it blends the low end of the vocals with the rest of the mix sounds like magic.

  24. soly29

    This is exactly what I was looking for! My bass line and electronic kick have at least the loudness and sound I expected.
    Thanks to Boz Labs!

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