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Sasquatch Kick Machine 2


(55 customer reviews)

Note for M1 Mac Users: This plugin is not yet compiled to work natively on M1 Macs. We are currently in the process of rewriting it so that it will, but it will take some time. In the meantime, it should work under rosetta on M1 Macs.

Sasquatch 2 is a CPU-friendly kick drum enhancement plug-in that enables you to custom-tailor the sound of any kick drum, acoustic or electronic, with exhaustive creative possibilities, ranging from subtle to extreme and beyond.

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  • Instant thicker Kick Drums
  • No Sample replacement
  • Create kicks that cut through

From the Pros

“I use the new Sasquatch Kick Machine 2 on just about every mix. It allows me to enhance attack, knock, and bottom end to my taste. There are also plenty of parameters to take a sound anywhere you want it. Try it on snares, synths, percussion and of course kicks.”

Dave Pensado   (Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber)

Sasquatch 2 is a dedicated kick drum processing plug-in (though that’s not all it can do), that enables you to craft your kick drum sound in accordance with your production needs in any musical genre. Whether it’s subtle enhancement, massive room-shaking thump, or electronic musical mutation, Sasquatch 2 makes it easy to get the results you want; no option overload, no hours wasted scrolling through Gigs of samples, and no arcane features you’ll never touch. Low end is the crucial part of a modern mix and the most difficult to get under control. If you’ve been struggling to craft a powerful, punchy low end, Sasquatch 2 can give you all that and more in a single, easy-to-use, and affordable plug-in.

Sasquatch 2—Nature of The Beast:

  • Craft your kick drum from subtle enhancement to downright musical mutation
  • CPU-friendly with straightforward, easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Individually tweak and blend “Oomph” (body), “Click” (attack) and “Dry” sound
  • Easily create and customize “drops”
  • Fine-tuning controls offer a unique set of creative tools for Oomph, Click, and Dry parameters
  • Instantaneous triggering; no phase or flam issues
  • Selectable trigger modes
  • High-pass and low-pass filters with selectable sidechain modes
  • A/B comparison plus four levels of “lock” mode lets you experiment and return to original settings
  • Icon-based interface for easy visual identification

55 reviews for Sasquatch Kick Machine 2

  1. rickskii

    As others i already had Sasquatch Kick Machine the first one. I didn’t really use that one much at all. However, due to using other Boz stuff i decided to update and boy i am glad i did. This one can transform a poor kick in to a really powerful kick or change its nature to really fit the mix. My secret weapon.

  2. kevinsparks

    It excels at doing exactly what it says it does, and more. While this is called a Kick Machine, it can also be used to add white noise to a snare drum or really just about anything. This is a must if you’re tired of drum replacement but still need a little reinforcement

  3. SnH257

    the sound quality from sasquatch one has increased. even though there are some presets missing i love to have a sasquatch for beefy 808 kicks and other hiphop drums

  4. se19an79

    A very nice plugin! Allows me to get the kick sound I’m looking for without having to result to sample replacement. I definitely recommend this.

  5. grovephil

    I regularly mix drums that haven’t been recorded as well as I’d like. Sasquatch has all I need to beef up and give definition to kicks. Highly recommended

  6. Daniel Hogan

    I came out of hiding to award this a 5 star rating. It is a massive update on the original.

  7. kwpv356

    Awesome plugin from a fellow Washingtonian. Hope I win the voucher

  8. TTobin

    Love Sasquatch V1, as it is very easy to use and gets great results fast. V2 has far more capabilities, so it is taking a while to figure it all out. The additional flexibility in click and oomph tones is awesome. Not sure yet about need for the new triggering options. And MIDI features seem more applicable to electronic styles, whereas I mostly engineer/mix rock genre.

  9. bizzymo

    I guess a plugin what every Producer/ Engineer been missing!!!
    How can you not use this great Tool.

  10. Chris Walton

    A big improvement on the first one. Easy to sculpt the perfect kick. A no-brainer at the upgrade/intro price.

  11. tommymarcinek

    Sasquatch 2 is THE MOST amazing plugin I own! This thing does anything you want. Whatever sound you want from a decently recorded track can be literally transformed into anything your brain can think of! I’m just totally blown away at the way you can manipulate the sound. Forget just using it for only a kick! I’ve used it for all type of percussion and even effects on non-percussive instruments. THIS plugin is my go-to plugin for EVERY MIX!!! EVERY ONE!!! GET IT, DAMMIT!!!!!! Tom

  12. hrswreck

    Great plugin for making that kick really bump in the mix. I have been producing house and techno for a long time, and never has it been so easy to get the kick sounding the way I want. Great for those pitched sub kick basselines too. 11/10 deff recommend

  13. Felometal

    Sounds amazing, does more than some people will need, the Sasquatch Kick Machine 2 eliminated 2 other plugins that I was using for kick and snare, and probably will use it as a bass in my next song. ❤️

  14. masonjames

    I like the product so far, I know that I will still have to dive deeper in order to explore all of the things that this plugin is capable of doing. GUI looks great, easy functions, and pretty straight forward.

    I am loving what you guys with all of your plugins! Keep pushing forward!

  15. darrickatwater

    Stellar. Clean. Little confusing at first in comparison to SQK1, but for me, figuring out how a plugin “moves” is kinda fun.
    Sounds great. New interface is cool. Love the waveform display, really helps one understand what they are doing to their kick. 5/7 would recommend.

  16. jeffkollmen

    Its really great plugin!
    I add it on my kick, it definitelly rock the world!
    Thanks so much

  17. afrodrum

    It does exactly what I need: amplify bass drum without increasing much volume of bottom end. I can dial perfect kick in just few seconds.

  18. djaychela

    Anothe great Boz plugin, and a big step forward from version 1. Gives great control over the additions to your kick sound, allowing tailoring that’s either difficult or impossible to achieve with ‘normal’ processors, and avoiding the common issue of ‘I need to layer 6 kick samples to get the sound I’m after for this track’ problem. Capable of everything from subtle additions to complete craziness, with total control.

  19. sd99

    Already had Sasquatch Kick Machine (the first one – which was great) but this one can sound more natural when you need to had just a little to a real Kick.
    Of course also great for “Electro”.
    Maybe the headphone logo should be near the filters because it was not obvious that it was to listen to the filtered “trigger” (without reading the user manual)
    Great value and time saver

  20. Natemasterflex

    I love the plugin! It’s been a fantastic asset in my beat making lately. I would definitely recommend it to a friend, if I had any.

  21. hide.h

    It’s a stunning plugin! It can be added sub and attack as basis usage but actually, it’s not only this. It also can be changed that character perfectly. And, super low price. What else? I don’t think so. 🙂

  22. Ernie Addezi

    Boz Digital Lab plugins are simply the best on the market! Intuitive, clean GUI and sound amazing. I’ve been a customer for many years, and have most of their plugins, including the Signature Series. They run very stable, which is really important, and sound excellent. The Sasquatch is my latest family member that adds oomph to my kick drum that really helps it cut through the mix. Also sounds phenomenal on bass guitar. Remember, a little goes a long way. Hearing is believing! Join the Boz family and buy the SKM, you’ll be glad you did!

  23. frozenjazz

    Was already using the v1 of this plugin, but this new v2 is easier to use, and with even more features. I thought I would be using it to enhance the “oomph” of my kicks, but I really appreciate the “click” part of the plugin that can add this definition some kicks lack. Really nice addition to my arsenal!

  24. Jmorrisey79

    Sasquatch Kick 2 is awesome!! It sounds great, it’s easy to learn/use and has everything in it to really craft the sound you want.
    As with all of the Box plug-ins that I own, I will use it often and can not recommend it enough. It’s a great addition to any producer’s arsenal of tools.

  25. Geoff Aaron

    This plugin makes my kick drums sound immense, fat and warm. I think I found my new best friend, and its name is Sasquatch 2. Im also going back to add it to some of my previous mixes. Thanks Boz!

  26. ObieOne

    Fantastic plugin that I recently picked up. I got it just in time for a mix that I was working on for an independent artist that needed a little extra oomph in the kick drum in the session.

    It’s always nice when you pick up a new plugin and you find use for it immediately 🙂

    Two thumbs up!!

  27. Timiryan Manapov

    Miracle a plug-in, everything that is necessary for a good sound of a kick! Thanks!

  28. neverwhere2410

    I hardly ever used the original Sasquatch because the UI was cumbersome, hard to navigate. The new UI alone is worth the price of the upgrade and I’ve been reaching for it more often because of that. The other new features make it that much better. I see this getting regular use as a single voice drum synth to reinforce kicks and snares – there’s a lot of depth to explore.

  29. TommyK626

    Killer plugin! Really adds depth to drums.

  30. justingcole

    This is a powerful production tool that will quickly give you the results you are looking for. It allows you so much creative flexibility that it makes working on the kick drum a joy. You can perfectly sculpt your sound to get exactly what your looking for in the low end. It’s fun and easy to use, but super deep and powerful at the same time. This has quickly become an indispensable part of my essential production toolkit. Bravo Boz!

  31. keylokd

    I love the thickness and weight this adds to my kick. This is a producers dream.

  32. basskie

    Now talking about the current Pop Song Production, a precise tune for Kick drums must be required. Since it needs a certain experience to find the right pitch in the production for both musicians and engineers, this Plugin would be the best solution to solve that.
    It’s easy to find the low-end harmonic balance with the bass track. Add the lowest pitch for the song key, or just use only this “Sasquatch Kick Machine 2”, either way, I can have a powerful bottom for any types of songs.

  33. Andy Plaisted

    Fantastic little toy. I had some clients wanting to get a mix of 808ish sound with the live kick drum. I put Sasquatch 2 on it and twiddled some knobs and boom.

    I would like to see an entry in the manual that specifically describes use of the keyboard and the “follow” button.

    Thanks for this great plug in.

  34. RW1518

    This plugin is AMAZING!!! Instant massive perfect Kick Drum! This one is a definite KEEPER!

  35. brett

    I’ve been using v1 for a long time to punctuate kicks or even add some oomph to other sounds. The new version just adds to the first with an incredible diversity. It can be used for so many other things now, in terms of shaping the added sound. I always worried about v1 not working anymore (apple breaks things) so I am glad to see it updated for more years of use!

  36. alphaz

    I got the first version of Saquatch Kick Machine for a while, using it for not only drum sounds. When it comes to the version 2, I have to say it is more convenient in operation and the new features make this plugin used at unexpected places of the mixes.
    There is no other plugin like this, so if u need something adding specials to the mixes, there is only one choice!

  37. Supaears

    Yea this plug-in is the truth. You can completely morph your kicks to your liking or just add the needed bump & thump you need to feel it in your chest. I am still learning the plug-in, but I can already see myself reaching for this plug-in every mix or production session.

  38. bruce.tunkel


  39. bassboz

    Great plugin: wimpy kick in, strong&solid kick out. Just the right balance of choices and fun. GUI is, typical boz, super efficient, but invites to play at the same time. Great for other sound sources too. The sub sounds and feels as it should!

  40. dominique.bassal

    It is clean sounding, efficient and does what it says without attitude. One of the rare modern plugins that is not obsessed with recreating horrible 1960’s gear while pretending it was magical.

  41. jjbot

    Perfect tools for sound design and for creative purpose.

  42. ice-cream16

    Now my kicks are as fat as I am!

  43. crabgrass

    You really need an example of this on a live acoustic kick drum on your site. It has found its way onto countless mixes in the last two weeks, rarely misses and saves tons of time. Of course that can be said of all Boz plug-ins I own.

  44. chilihead74

    An amazing plugin especially for the low-end. If you want the „perfect“ kick drum sound don‘t look any further.

  45. lostwars

    I absolutely love the new features on Sasquatch 2. It allows me to not only shape the tone of my kicks but also TOMS and BASS GUITAR. Anything you need extra resonance out of this plug will help you. Its a must for sound design and creative mixing applications. GUI is laid out very well and separation is apparent. Thank you!

  46. BrockHardcastle

    Between this and Bark of Dog, you’ll never need any other plugins for managing the low end on kicks. The original Sasquatch was decent, but this is fantastic and brings it up to the quality and sound of the other Boz plugins. The GUI is nice too.

  47. jeroensimons

    I use this superb plugin for making my kickdrumsounds bigger and fatter, ofcourse depending on the context of the music/key of the song. I recommend everybody to try this badass out, you will love it…:) Thumbs up for all of your plugins by the way!! Cheers from The Netherlands, Jeroen Simons, Independent, ex- Epica.

  48. slincoln

    This plugin saves the day to get a great sounding kick. Very easy to use and understand. Sasquatch Kick Machine 2, check it out!

  49. jamesaparicio

    My client asked if the kick could be less fat …. enough said

  50. zukan

    If you are serious about drum sound design then this product is in a league of its own. Highly recommended.

  51. Digivolt

    Great tool for enhancing weak kicks, or for changing already strong kicks, plenty presets to play with too if you’re stuck and looking for some creativity to work from

  52. momo

    It is an integral part of house music. I recommend it in Japan.

  53. gregorydavidjohnson

    I truly do envision myself using this on a majority of tracks that call for an electronic or synth kick. It’s incredibly intuitive, you can sculpt the kick sound you hear in your head with total ease. I appreciate its simplicity for this very reason; based on how much I’ve been using it since getting it I can only imagine it will be one of my most used virtual instrument plugins, and my go-to for kick sounds. Instead of searching a database of synth and electronic kick samples, I can very easily just create my own. Great job!

  54. unbalancedbeats

    Useful plugin to carve and add character to the kicks for those who are into EDM. I use mostly in parallel. Also experiment with other kind of percussive elements and the results are cool.
    Please, keep on developing plugins like this one!

  55. notheorem729

    Great plugin. I’m still wrapping my head around everything that this is capable of. The added wave shapes and ability to trigger using midi take a good products and make it great. This is going to be used on every single mix I do. You don’t have to mix the kick drum if you just make one using this. Great job boz.

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