T-Bone is a slant EQ at heart, with a few extra features that just make it that much more useful.

What is a Slant EQ?

A slant EQ is a filter that simultaneously boosts one end of the frequency spectrum while attenuating the other end. As it turns out this is an amazingly useful tool for brightening or darkening your tracks very quickly. Another reason this is super handy is that it allows you to change the tone of your track without changing the overall level. With traditional EQ plugins, as you boost certain frequencies, the overall sound gets louder. The problem with this is that our brains have the screwy little feature where louder music tends to sound better (even if it actually sounds worse. Make sense?). A slant EQ works around that special feature in our brain so that you aren’t deceived by the changing level and you can know instantly if your are improving or worsening your sound.

Extra Features

While a slant EQ is a very handy filter to have, we have added a few features that make it even easier to dial in the sound you need. We included a high pass filter with resonance control (think Bark of Dog) and low pass filter with resonance (henceforth to be known as Meow of Cat). We also came up with this super hand feature called Boom and Harsh Control. Sometimes adding extreme amounts of slant EQ can have some nasty side effects. If slanted too far to the left, you can end up with a lot of low end build up. Slant too far to the right and you can get too much harsh high end. The Boom and Harsh Control lets you add massive amounts of slant without getting  harsh or boomy. It’s really an essential part of what makes this plugin so easy to use. We also added mid/side mode and an analog mode that adds subtle distortion and compression to your sound. Enable that for some grit, or disable for super clean tone shaping.

Clean filters without the CPU hit

During the development of this plugin, we created some incredibly smooth filters that don’t have any of the crazy side effects on your high frequencies (technically known as wonk). Our wonkless filters not only give you a smooth frequency response all the way up to Nyquist frequency, but they do this without adding that CPU hit that oversampled filters take.

Reviews (12)

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12 reviews for T-Bone

  1. howardkyambadde143

    Compared to the T-lux company stuff this gives more control especially the ability to select the frequency at which the tilt occurs ; i started with the Tilty Wilty when it was first released and this is a very significant upgrade.

  2. Mickr59

    well done guys love this plugin good work

  3. tremper

    What ever happend to the contest etc…
    Was this one of the (original) entries?
    I never enter any, but got carried with this one for some reason but then most entries lost!?!? uggh
    Kind of disapointed…

    wanted to write more but if you dont have anything nice to say…
    …at least I like your plugs
    If you sent a message I missed it or it ended up as spam… wasn’t there something about us making up?

    original forum is gone, support forum is liveless… so yeah couldve shouldve email o.w.e… just let this message selfdestruct… or something

  4. OnCourse

    EXCELLENT !!! For me this is a life saver. Completely deaf in one ear and my remaining ear has quite bad hearing loss, so I’ve been finding it harder and harder when mixing. Even using my hearing aid with a specially tweaked music program everything sounds dull and lifeless. I tried many a long hour setting up an EQ on the master buss in an attempt to give me back what I’ve lost. I’m not a pro and the multi-band EQ thingy has not proved that successful. Then I discovered TBone, added it to the output channel, turned the main control to about half way and hey presto. A nice sounding mix.

    All I need to do is remember to remove it from the output bus prior to export mixdown.

    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you

  5. bjboydmusic

    Hi. I used the plug-in for the first time yesterday and really like what it does. Looking forward to finding out more about what it can do. However, appears to be problematic with mac as it’s having problems with the AU Manager in Logic Pro X saying that T.Bone version 1.0.3 failed validation. Any ideas?

  6. jam92189

    I love this plugin. Often times when I am give. Tracks that I did not record I have many issues such as low end it to loud and the top it needs a boost. Normally I have to use a eq to boost the top or cut lows then compensate with volume and the deal with harshness.or boomy tones. With this it all comes in a easy to use package. I can cut or enhance highs or lows while preventing the issues before. Because of the harsh and boom controls I can boost the low or top end alot to give something the huge tone change while stopping it from ever getting boomy or harsh due to the way it works. The high and low pass filters are super smooth and I love the resonant peaks I can add using just one knob. One thing to note is that the peaks never sound overly resonant. More like they just enhance the aria around them so for people who like smooth clean boosts it’s perfect. I love how you can choose where the tilt is actually located to it’s basically one of the only eqs that dies this. Overall a amazing eq plugin for changing the tone of a sound to sculpting it.

  7. 19trax

    Quality of the filters are top notch. Saturation is so good that I use it always on many channels just to give a nice touch of warming. Great job Boz, and we expecting full EQ with this filters please.

  8. brandon drury

    T-Bone is the fastest way to “EQ” a track in the world. It’s not exactly an EQ and that is what I love about it. Being able to jump right in and twist a single knob often improves a track about 300%. It’s a huge deal and everyone should try this style of “tone control”. I love it!

  9. bduersch

    EASILY the best money I’ve spent on a plug-in this year… it has become a permanent fixture as the second-last plug-in on my master bus (right before the maximizer) to make subtle changes to the tonality of tracks. The combination of the slant EQ and the hi-pass filter is great for simultaneously cleaning up the mud and adding a little presence to recordings. The harsh & boom controls are also helpful in not over-doing it. Also gets extra points for not requiring a PhD to use.

  10. info15

    Excellent plug-in and even better concept. Great way to effortlessly add contrast to your mix. You don’t have to think about frequencies, the levels don’t change (!) and it sounds supremely transparent.. You just think “this should be a bit brighter/darker” and turn the knob.

    I find myself adding this later in the mix; making little changes. You could also start with T-Bone and go on from there. Especially if you (or someone else) essentially recorded the wrong sounds; and you find yourself thinking “this SHOULD HAVE BEEN brighter/darker”.

    All the same: great plug-in, awesome GUI, excellent price!

  11. Jemusic

    This, in my opinion is what using excellent plugins is all about. Firstly the audio quality. It does what it does really well and sounds great doing it, ease of use, the great GUI, seeing what you are changing is also very cool indeed. Very fine increments in settings is totally easy. Solid feel of use and total reliability.

  12. jackhuggins3

    Wow, this tilt EQ does it all, and then beats the competition by using the best interface imaginable. Turn a knob and watch the huge graphic display change; it’s intuitive and fast, with the huge mouse targets helping you finish the job with speed and confidence.

    I didn’t think I would get excited about a tilt EQ but I was wrong.