Big Beautiful door is what you get when an EQ and a Gate make a baby together. Then, right when the baby comes out, you inject it with a few doses of steroids. Seriously, this thing is so powerful and is really easy to use. This is not a one trick pony. This does everything from ducking your bass when your kick hits, to acting as the world’s most powerful vocal EQ. Big Beautiful Door opens up a whole new world of creativity and streamlines your workflow like no other dynamics plugin.

Dual EQ

Big Beautiful Door gives you separate eq over your loud and your quiet parts of your track. This lets you EQ your quiet sounds separately from your loud sounds. A paragraph of text won’t come close to describing how powerful this option is, so watch some of the demo videos to see what opportunities this opens up.

Advanced Sidechaining

Advanced sidechaining gives you complete control over how Big Beautiful Door reacts to your input. Do you need to eq out the low end of your bass when your kick drum hits? This is how you do it. Or maybe you need to eq out the midrange of your back track whenever your vocals come it. Big Beautiful Door makes this easy to do without automation.

  • Dial in your sidechain with accuracy with dual mode sidechain filters.
  • Choose between internal and external sidechain.

Envelope Control

Familiar envelope controls let you determine how quickly Big Beautiful Door will morph from one EQ setting to the other. Whether you need quick gating or smooth transitions, you can set it up easily.

Reviews (28)

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28 reviews for Big Beautiful Door

  1. Randyrocker

    Fantastic! Just changed my listening patterns and oh what a surprise for anyone who buys this sound changer. Magnificent workmanship indeed!

  2. SenseiZytus

    Just like Transgressor, Big Beautiful Door takes the dynamic processing into a different-, more flexibel path that I’ve never seen in dynamic processor before. What’s cool with this plugin is that you can carve and cut a sound without loosing the good stuff, something that is not common place with a lot of gate-like plugins and processors. The amount of flexibility and surgical possibilities is just pure awesomeness.

    Big Beautiful Door is a real innovation. I’m looking forward to Boz next plugin release too see what kind of mad scientist functionality he’s incorporated.

  3. Nikolai Yonker

    Big Beautiful Door is the evolution of the gate/expander. It does all the usual gate stuff just fine, but why would you want to carve out all the audio when you don’t need to. Frequency specific gating helps sculpt your audio to where you want it to be. However, this is not just for the tasks of making space in the mixes frequency spectrum….. but an extremely creative tool to give your pads, leads, etc some beautiful movement (especially when being triggered by side chain).

    I enjoy tools that opens me up to new possibilities and Big Beautiful Door definitely puts a smile on my face every time I use it.

  4. Wyatt Avery

    Definitely a fantastic tool from Boz. I’ve never used anything like it.
    It brings a lot of new possibilities to contour a sound. Super flexible, tools like this are the future. Thanks Boz!

  5. Kasinski

    Pretty hot stuff. Used it in a send/return recently, to help bring out a ride cymbal drowned out by noise. Works like a charm, really. Very straightforward, wonderfully designed, and immediately usable. Besides its more technical uses, the ease with which you can get BBD to lend movement to all sorts of different signals should really get you to fork out whatever money is needed.


  6. Michael Foreman

    This plugin, like Transgressor and Manic Compressor before it, just hits it out of the park – in particular the EQ section. There’s just something about Boz’s EQs. They are so powerful yet transparent, limited (3 bands) yet all you need. The only thing missing is my own creativity in finding unique ways to use this one. That’ll come with time. This plugin is ready for however you can imagine using it, for sure.

  7. Mdjagg

    This is an amazing start to an innovative processor. If you know what it does, then you’d have realized what a novel and new approach this is to adding movement to a sound source, it’s cool. What I’d like to see in V_2.0 though is 5 EQ bands and independent gain comtrol per side. Also, what would really make this plugin special would be the ability to output separate signals via the DAW’s output. For instance, if you could output the “Above threshold” signal to Bus 1, and “Below threshold” signal to Bus 2. It’s possible to do this by duplicating the Chanel and muting/soloing opposite sides, but if this feature was built in, it would allow for unlimited control and coloring of the movement that you’re able to create with BBD. For that, Id give it 6/5 stars.

  8. dominique.bassal

    Nice plugin, very effective on already very percussive material, with dynamics not varying over medium / long time. Which means pop music, really commercial, really formatted. Other than that it suffers the same problems as other similar propositions, like Eventide’s, or even Sonnox’s Dynamic EQ’s “onset” detection : the lacks in the threshold adjustment renders them at best capricious and unpredictable. A nice example on how the niceties brought about by the tools themselves can unfluence the musical outcome in favor of the already dominant cultures.

  9. drgbhinson

    Works very well for what it does. Its a go to for unique transient shaping.

  10. Daveweir

    I have had Big Beautiful Door for around a month now. The thing that really annoys me about it, is that I DIDN’T HAVE IT EARLIER! This thing is so good on snare to remove hihats from the decay of the snare, Toms with cymbal bleed & cymbal spill on a live vocal etc. The fact that it doesn’t just gate the signal means that you can use the built in eq filters to shape how the decay or the below threshold signal sounds compared to the above threshold signal.

    I have now gone back and chucked it on troublesome tracks from previous projects and have had instant gratification along with anger at how long I had spent originally on a mediocre result.

    Thanks guys, keep making stuff like this and I’ll be broke……….broke but happy………

  11. bgrotto

    Outstanding gate. One of the finest drum shaping tools I’ve ever used (and I’ve used most of em!). Indispensable and a total game-changer.

  12. Sven Engdahl Hamilton

    Along with Transgressor, this has truly become my go-to for getting kicks and snares sound a lot better than they were actually captured. Like a magnifying glass for drum sculpting, they greatly diminish the need for sample replacements further down the mixy rabbit hole.

    As far as gates go, BBD is it. Recommended!

    PS. Feature request wise for v2 (Bigger Beautifuller Door), I wouldn’t mind some sort of dynamic EQ magic in the Sidechain section, for an even smoother approach to those overly spilly yet largely dynamic tracks, you occasionally get to work with.

  13. ptahjay

    Well made and extremely versatile/adaptable plug in. From filtering to advanced styles of gating, this plug in is my go to gate over most other plug ins. If you see this on sale, id HIGHLY recommend getting this plug in or at least trying out the demo.

  14. pfsmith0

    Very flexible and useful for a variety of dynamics-based EQ effects. I’ve only scratched the surface of what this can do, but it really scratches the creative itch. The tutorials are a great way to get you going on the various uses this can have.

  15. nathangamble

    Absolutely love it! Fantastic gate, very creative. My go-to for gate and sidechaining.

  16. coachsgilliam

    I think the plugin is a very innovative tool. I just wish there were more useful tutorials so I can get more use out of it. But keep giving us great products!!!

  17. wjcurtis

    BBD is proven itself incredibly useful as a De-Esser, but I’ve also found it really cool for frequency-dependent effects on drum and synth loops by being able to tailor what happens on the top or bottom end. Of course you can do this with an EQ, but having gating built-in yields some unique effects without a lot of fuss. It’s become my first choice for sibilant taming, and another tool in the toolbox for some creative possibilities. Once you play around with the demo, you’ll want this in your arsenal. 🙂

  18. Randyrocker

    Those two buttons that do nothing, should be used to link Transgressor and the Wall to synchronize with Big Beautiful Door, so settings affected on either harmonized unit mesh together in linked adjustments. It came to me when I heard an adjustment on one effected the sound of the other and I thought why can’t the plugin be doing this.

  19. Kyle Sheppard

    Another great tool from Boz! I’ve used Big Beautiful Door to reduce vocal sibilance and bleed in drum mics. I’m sure there are even more uses for it!

  20. Chucaro Albaradize

    A very unique tool that opens up a endless world of possibilities, some more obvious than others. It will provide you what no other tool can. A must have for me, and the price is more than reasonable.

  21. guitar_guy182_

    This is a fantastic plugin, very flexible and powerful. Unlike transgressor, Big Beautiful Door responds purely to volume, and allows you to EQ loud volumes differently to quiet volumes in a very intutive way. It has replaced all other gates for me, and highly recommend for others to demo!

  22. YamilRMartinez

    Big Beautiful Door is a intelligent evolution of an long forgotten tool in the studio. This evolution place so much power in a problem solving tool that makes it a creative tool too. Impressive…. I only wish that it can do some ducking to make it perfect within its simpliicity.

  23. YamilRMartinez

    Big Beautiful Door is a intelligent evolution of an long forgotten tool in the studio. This evolution place so much power in a problem solving tool that makes it a creative tool too. Impressive…. I only wish that it can do some ducking to make it perfect within its simplicity.

  24. chronicaudio

    Boz Digital brings the heat! I started with the Wall, picked up Transgressor (just when I thought I didn’t need another transient designer), and now Big Beautiful Door. I haven’t used it a ton, but I love the possibilities!


  25. BenRicoMusic

    I really like the potential of Big Beautiful Door. I’ve used it now a handful of times during the mix process to get a better handle on the level balance of cymbals in a busy rock track. I can only imagine the countless ways I will be using this plugin in the future. Great job BOZ!!!

  26. Chrisc_o

    Very useful and original plugin. Constant request to authenticate on Mac (AAX). Still waiting for response from support request. Kudos nonetheless.

  27. an-dean

    Big Beautiful

    Is a unique Gate that give full control not only behinde the “Door” and the Door itself.

    It give full control for what going on in front of too 👍
    (So the control of the Sound in betreten is your’s too)

    The sitting of the knobs and Buttons ar nice and selfexplanatory

    The Sound you make with Big Beautiful Door is indeed YOUR’s
    (House with frontgarden and doorframe)

  28. nilsyngve

    Far beyond gating, this is an incredible tool.
    It gives so much scope for dealing with sounds above and below threshold levels. Anything from cleaning up multi mic drum takes to mad creativity with whatever you throw at it. It can be seen as a creative filter or a gate, entirely your choice.
    As with all Boz stuff, you can use many instances without sonic degradation.
    Love it.