Help me name this plugin

I love this game, so I’m playing again. I hate trying to come up with names for plugins, so I’m putting the burden on you to help me. How to Play Just leave a comment on this page with your name suggestions. You can leave as many comments as you like, and you can submit… Read More

Name this Plugin Contest

It’s that time again. We have a new plugin just about ready for you guys, but we need a name for this thing, and we need your help finding it. How To Participate Just create a comment here with name suggestions. Suggest as many names as you want. That’s all there is to it. The… Read More

Use Gatey Watey to Cut Drum Bleed

This video shows how we use Gatey Watey on a drum track with just too much bleed on the tom mics. Where traditional gating fails, Gatey Watey excels. Rather than turning down everything when you drop below the threshold, Gatey Watey lets you control which frequencies will be gates, and which frequencies preserved, letting you… Read More

Transgressor is Now Available

Transgressor is now available for purchase, and we are more than just a little bit excited to get this into your hands. Transgressor is a new standard in how transient design should work. Rather than just giving you control over your transient levels, Transgressor lets you EQ your transient and sustain signals separately (which makes… Read More

Name this plugin – win a free copy

And we have a winner… How to Submit Names Just leave a comment on this page. You can leave as many comments as you like, and you can submit as many names in a single comment as you like. There is just 1 rule: you can have conversations through replies, but please have conversations through replies only…. Read More

Name this Limiter – Win a free copy

Names must be submitted by September 4th at 11:59 pm. We need your help. We’re about to release a new plugin, but we are terrible at coming up with names. We want you to name it for us. How to Submit Names Just leave a comment on this page. You can leave as many comments… Read More

Judges Instructions

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Stereo Guitar

Double tracking guitars has become a pretty standard practice for getting electric guitars to sound larger than life. Turn on the radio today and almost every rock song you hear has double tracked guitars. I wanted to find a way to make my guitar sound bigger without having to double track it. There are a… Read More

Ward-Beck Systems and The Hoser

We often get asked what equalizer we used as a model when we created The Hoser. We are happy to announce that the hardware is a Ward-Beck Systems M462B. For those unfamiliar with the history, Ward-Beck Systems is a Canadian hardware manufacturer and has been a key player in making some of the most sought… Read More

Download Links for Mixing Contest 2015

For those who didn’t want to read through all the rules, you can just straight to the downloads here.  Choose either Mirror1 or Mirror2 (not both) for each section. The files are the same. Drums: Mirror1, Mirror2 Vocals: Mirror1, Mirror2 Orchestra: Mirror1, Mirror2 Guitars: Mirror1, Mirror2

Mixing Contest!!!

Update: The contest is now ended. We are now going through the submissions and picking a winner. There were lots of submissions and we want to make sure each one gets a fair listen, so hang tight. When we choose a winner we will announce it through our email list and facebook, and contact the… Read More