Having a nice wide stereo spread is great, expect for when we are talking about low frequencies. Mono Bass fixes the wide bass problem by collapsing your low frequencies to mono. Just set your frequency, and everything below that is brought to the center.

Most of the time the effect is quite subtle (or at least it should be if your mix isn’t completely out of wack) but it definitely solidifies the low end and fixes a lot of the awkwardness of extreme panning on headphones.

Just for added measure, we added a width knob to the higher frequencies.

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4 reviews for Mongoose – Free

  1. sergey

    write music

  2. Diddly

    Not really a review, but I saw you needed a new name (and maybe a new design, looks a bit cheap). I’ve always wanted to build a simple mono synth and call it “monochrome”. Maybe that’s a nice one. I like Sasquach so this is probably good as well.


  3. rroland

    Nice tool ! The mixes are gaining punch and space. Thanks.

  4. riku888

    Put it on the 2 Buss and made the LF on my mix instantly better. Great plugin, great price.

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