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Imperial Delay 1.5

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Imperial Delay 1.5 has officially been released. Existing owners of Imperial Delay can upgrade for free. You can upgrade by going into your account page here.

Here is a list of the new features:

  • Separate control over Left and Right delays
  • New Presets
  • Better Preset Management
  • A/B bank
  • Improved Smear algorithm
  • Less RAM
  • Removed the infernal spinning tape
  • Improved feel of feedback knob (and reduced feedback range)
  • Feedback disable button
  • New Preset location for windows
  • Much Smoother Feedback limiting (no more out of control feedback)
  • Fixed VST3 automation issue in some DAWs
  • Fixed some odd things in the RTAS graphics on OSX.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Some things to know before you upgrade to version 1.5

Imperial Delay 1.5 will not overwrite the previous version of Imperial Delay that you have installed. This is to avoid compatibility issues with any projects that had Imperial Delay 1.0. So after installing 1.5, any projects that used 1.0 will still use version 1.0.

If you do not want to have 1.0 and 1.5 on your computer, you can just uninstall version 1.0.

The location of the presets folder has changed for windows users. This means that if you have any presets saved from version 1.0, they will not show up in your 1.5 preset list. If you want to transfer your presets, just copy the presets files from the old presets folder and paste them into the new 1.5 presets folder.

The presets made in version 1.0 will work just fine in version 1.5, but presets made in 1.5 will not work in 1.0.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes pitch shift can cause slight timing offset between left and right channels, even when the pitch is the same on both channels.
  • User manual has not yet been updated to reflect the changes.

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