The Great Plugin Rewrite of 2022

Our plugins have been a mainstay in countless engineers’ arsenals. In order to keep our plugins functioning in the future, we’ve decided that it’s necessary to rewrite them all from the ground up. It’s really a lot less fun than making new plugins, but we’re committed to making sure our plugins work for you until Thor returns to Earth. The exciting part is that with this rewrite, there will be some new features available in all of our plugins.

  • Native M1 compatibility. This means you won’t have to use Rosetta to run our plugins.
  • Resizable GUI. No more small GUI on large screens (or huge GUI on tiny screens).
  • Feature updates. We’re taking the time to add some of the features to individual plugins that we wish he had in the original versions.
  • Faster Development. This means you get more plugins in less time.

What will the update cost me?

Nothing. You paid for the plugin, now it’s our job to make sure it continues to work for you.

How Long will this take to do?

We have a lot of plugins to get through, but it’s what we are focusing all of our time on. We will list them here as they get done.

Currently updated

Up Next…

+10db Suite

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1 day ago

Boz, please do the gatey watey and hoser! Pains me to park them for the time being because of m1 compatibility 🙁

Pat Mavromatis
23 days ago

Just adding my voice to the list for the M1 updates! Also, a big thank you for getting these to work again for us. Cheers!

29 days ago

+10 Comp and Gatey Watey sooner rather than later! Thank you for all your hard work.

Karl Newton
1 month ago

there is nothing in software like the +10dB… please hurry 😉

Matthew Hayes
2 months ago


2 months ago

Little Clipper, Big Clipper, The Wall, Sasquatch Kick Machine, Snappet Clappet and Boots too! I used to use these tools.. help!!! update them please! THANK YOU

2 months ago

Would really like to see The Hoser / XT, love those things 🙂

Carey Bruce
4 months ago

I third the pan knob.

4 months ago

how long we need to wait m1 native updates ?
4 months ago

Resizable GUI’s for Manic Compressor & Transgressor 2 please! Amazing tools that are completely underrated!

5 months ago

Waiting for PanKnob to be updated~~ the only pan plugin I use

Last edited 5 months ago by chinhian
4 months ago
Reply to  chinhian

I call for panknob to be cast forward in order , as well as provocative. I use both on every mix. Can’t live without em.

4 months ago
Reply to  tshargal

Totally agree!!! Can’t live without it…

MK Walker
5 months ago

This is a request to move El Clapo up the list! I have a really cool song going in production that has these crappy little claps now, I need El Clapo! (and I’m running Mac Mini/M1) Thank you!

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