The Great Plugin Rewrite

Our plugins have been a mainstay in countless engineers’ arsenals. In order to keep our plugins functioning in the future, we’ve decided that it’s necessary to rewrite them all from the ground up. It’s really a lot less fun than making new plugins, but we’re committed to making sure our plugins work for you until Thor returns to Earth. The exciting part is that with this rewrite, there will be some new features available in all of our plugins.

  • Native M1 compatibility. This means you won’t have to use Rosetta to run our plugins.
  • Resizable GUI. No more small GUI on large screens (or huge GUI on tiny screens).
  • Feature updates. We’re taking the time to add some of the features to individual plugins that we wish he had in the original versions.
  • Faster Development. This means you get more plugins in less time.

How Long will this take to do?

We have a lot of plugins to get through, but it’s what we are focusing all of our time on. We will list them here as they get done.

Currently updated

Up Next…


55 thoughts on “The Great Plugin Rewrite”

  1. Hey guys, please update the above “AAX Silicon Ready” list above and please also put next likely 2-3 plugs which’ll be done so we know if we should check back daily, weekly, etc. Thanks!

    Little, Big Clipper and Recoil are all working now everyone.

  2. I know updating with new codecs is not fun and no money in short term.
    But if you don’t do so, you will lose a lot of respect and also customers in long term.
    This Rewrite is very welcome, but it takes too long here. M1 architecture exists for more than 2,5 years now.

    1. Part of my nearly daily routine is coming here to this site and checking to see if some of the plugins I have are M1 native yet. And I’m consistently disappointed. Furthermore, not updates from this developer about it. I did make a post on a Facebook ad for one of the many new products BOZ has been rolling out asking about when some of the other products would be updated and got a reply that there’s no income to do it without new products. I understand that. But in the meantime, you’re losing existing customers. I already found a viable alternative to El Clapo that was inexpensive and works well. I’m not a programmer, so I don’t understand the challenges faced in porting to Apple Silicon, but then again, as a customer that’s not my responsibility. I can sympathize, but eventually users will go elsewhere when they simply can’t wait any longer.

  3. This page says that ‘it’s what we are focusing all our time on’.

    But a Facebook comment from Boz yesterday says ‘if we spent 100% of our time on the updates, there wouldn’t be enough money to fund the updates, so there’d be no updates and no new plugins’.

    One of these statements is a lie .. looks like it’s the first one.

    So I’m not holding my breath on getting the updates any time soon, and I certainly won’t be buying any new Boz plugins until the updates are done.

    What are people using instead of the Boz Claps, Snaps and Stomps stuff? Would love to buy an alternative that actually works, drop some links, cheers!

  4. Hello! It is great that you guys are working on the M1 rewrite. However, I totally agree with James that I don’t feel like checking the new products until the plugins I have, El Clapo, Stomp and Snaps become M1 native.

    A lot of people are waiting for these plugins as these are GREAT plugins!!
    You guys did a fantastic job creating them. But one more step to go!

    Could you kindly let us know when it could happen? Or will it happen at all?
    Please take good care of your passionate users.

  5. I keep getting emails for new products like ReCoil, while my existing Boz Digital plug-ins aren’t being updated for Apple Silicon native. El Clapo is just once example where I have simply given up and bought a competitor’s product. I didn’t want to, but trying to run the AU while DP is running native (using Apple’s AUHostingCompatibilityService process) crashes DP. I didn’t want to be forced to run DP in Rosetta 2, so I bought another product. I know keeping revenue coming in is important, but would be really nice if some of the other plugs could be ported to Apple Silicon native. Thanks.

    1. I gave up. The AU crashes Digital Performer unless you run the entire DP app in Rosetta which slows everything down. I gave up and just bought Hand Clap Studio. It’s M1 native already. Eventually… someday I guess… El Capo will be native. Bums me out. I want to support and try to be patient/loyal etc, but eventually you have to get work done and move on.

        1. Part of my daily routine now is checking several websites. Boz is one of them. I come check hopeful that I’ll see a version number increment and some of my plugs are Apple Silicon native. El Clapo crashes in AUHostingCompatibilityService when Digital Performer is running native, and I’m not going to slow down my entire DAW by running it in Rosetta so I can use El Clapo. I moved on to an alternative, unfortunately. It’s a bummer. And what’s worse is no statement or response here from the developer for months. 🙁

  6. Hi, hopefully you can start porting either transgressor or BBD, both are really unique plugins, hat to purchase splitEQ to replace transgressor but I still miss it for some applications 🙁

  7. Hopefully you get the Transgressor done soon, it’ how I shape my kick drum on all my mixes, along with Gatey Watey & Bark of Dog. You get used to doing things a certain way & using your go to plugins… Patiently waiting

  8. It seems no progress has been made on the Apple Silicone rewrites for months. It may nearly be Christmas 2022, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Boz has given up on this. No reply to emails. Gutted as love these plugins, but some won’t run at all, even under Rosetta. Sadly seems like time to move on.

  9. Hi there…
    Just had to join the train of customers anxiously awaiting the M1 updates. I know it’s nothing new hearing us ask, but I have to show solidarity! I LOVE your Boots, Claps and Snaps VI, but haven’t been able to use it in months. Really hoping these are all updated sooner than later. Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

  10. Are the +10dB v2 versions free for v1 owners? I can’t see them in my download section nor seems there to be any upgrades available in your site menu, if these are paid updates.


  11. Another customer who would love to see these plugins updated for M1 silicon… bark of dog, big clipper… these are not even seen by Logic on M1. Please update!!

  12. Thank you for the amazing job, and the free updates… but we would like — indeed — to be able to use the plugins we love and paid for.
    PS: I’m willing to help and pay for the Silicon upgrade efforts (FYI), and I might not be the only one.

  13. Update your ALL your plugs to M1 native, or I have to sell or dispose of them, whatever is compliant. Thank you. You are taking forever and I am finding substitutions for all your plugs. Not a good look for your brand, or your customer service. Many plugins need to be native as we are running all native sessions now and will get crashes and errors if any need rosetta, and they are doing away with rosetta in the next OS after ventura, so you may want to hurry…. or bye boz.

  14. Little Clipper, Big Clipper, The Wall, Sasquatch Kick Machine, Snappet Clappet and Boots too! I used to use these tools.. help!!! update them please! THANK YOU

  15. This is a request to move El Clapo up the list! I have a really cool song going in production that has these crappy little claps now, I need El Clapo! (and I’m running Mac Mini/M1) Thank you!

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