All Plugins updated to work in Pro Tools 11.2

Any of you Pro Tools users may have noticed that when you updated to 11.2, most of your Boz Digital Labs plugins stopped working. We are pleased to announce that all of our plugins have now been updated to fix this issue.

You can update your plugins for free by going to and downloading the latest versions of your plugins.

If you don’t use Pro Tools 11, there is really nothing exciting about these updates, so feel free to pass.

6 thoughts on “All Plugins updated to work in Pro Tools 11.2”


    Re: Updating boz plug-ins, I don’t know what I’m doing. When I look at “My Downloads”, I do get a list of my current boz products and versions, which is good, but if you could please add some sort of “Check For Updates” function and button, I would feel a lot more confident about my plug-ins being up to date, or not. As it is, I really have no way of knowing for sure.


  2. Hi,

    Bit late to this I’m having the same problem as above (only just updated to 11.2.2). How do you clear the cache/prefs for Pro Tools 11? I can’t find what to look for.


  3. Volker Waltinger

    Hi, thanks a lot for the quick reply. I definitely had installed 2.1 (over 2.0) but to clear the Pro Tools cache finally fixed it.
    Did the whole deleting pref stuff and repair disk permissions-after having done that the Panipulator appeared in the stereo plug in menu :-).
    Thanks again.

  4. Volker Waltinger

    Hey, just wanted to report that there is problem with the AAX version of the Panipulator in Pro Tools 11.2/10.9.4. It appears as multimono-plug in, but it does not appear in the stereo plug in menu anywhere which would be needed to check the stereo compatibility of the track indeed.
    However the AU version works properly in Logic 10.0.7 on the same system.
    Thanks anyway for the useful idea of the Panipulator, cool stuff.
    All the best, VRW

    1. Can you confirm that you are using version 2.0.1 and not 2.0.0? You can check the version by clicking on the Panipulator log in the plugin. Version 2.0.0 didn’t work as a stereo plugin in PT 11.2, but the update to 2.0.1 should fix that issue.

      It’s also possible that the Pro Tools cache needs to be cleared so that it will show the stereo version again.

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