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The perfect solution to your quarantine loneliness. Studio Companion gives you the experience of having real people in your studio

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  • 4 Personalities in 1 plugin
  • Makes you feel like you have real musicians in your studio
  • Source of creative inspiration


Problem: It’s difficult to feel inspired without human connection

During these troubling times, one of the most important things we can do is refrain from unnecessary contact with other people. But because of this, we musicians tend to feel a bit stir crazy not being able to interact with others. Human socialization is a core part of our inspiration a drive.

Since we can’t have musicians in our studios right now, we have generously decided to give you the full, in person recording experience in a plugin. Studio Companion emulates the real life feeling of interacting closely with musicians of all types. All you have to do is select a personality, and you will feel like the person is in the room with you during your recording session.

You get to experience some of the most common situations that you have been missing out during social distancing.

The Cure for Loneliness

When you need a collaborator, or even just a friend to talk to, studio companion has you covered. It may just become your new best friend!

4 Friends in 1

Do you need some simple 1 on 1 time with your favorite band mate? Just choose your friend and have some exclusive time. Do you need to have a meeting with the whole band? Switch between band members while each of you air your grievances.


11 reviews for Studio Companion

  1. paulemotion

    Quite possibly the greatest plugin ever devised. I haven’t been in a recording studio for 20 years but this brings it all flooding back. Thankyou for helping me re-live my youth!

  2. escalona

    I just put this plugin in all tracks on all my mixes. My music has never sounded this good! Thanks Dirk! 🙂

  3. Stratocube

    This f*kin plugin smoked all my weed.

  4. chaoschoir

    I’ll never be alone again in my studio! Thank you Boz! Now I can get rid of the life size cutouts of the N’SYNC band members. Boys, we had a good run but I’m afraid I no longer need you now… 🙁

  5. Xenobyte83

    This plugin sorted out all my studio needs, fixed the light bulb in the frigde, walked my dog, cooked the dinner, fixed my diet and did my workout for me and my friend that was wheel-chaired just called me that he went for a jogging. Just wait and it will probably solve the coronavirus problem, i’m 100% positive on this. Thank you thank you thank you, a million times!

  6. IKM

    If this photo (face) is not fixed, everyone at home recording will enjoy it and use it.
    I want you to be able to replace only face photo at the time of Project REC! I’d buy it for around $ 5.

  7. estodobueno

    Boz have knocked it out of the park with the accuracy of this plugin! I genuinely closed my eyes and thought they were in the room!! 🙂 Bravo

  8. |¦|||

    Combined with one of his earlier, equally exceptional plugins, “Skidmark”, I can practically smell the Coors and pizza in here. Thank you for everything, Boz.

  9. smokinbuck

    Made me laugh. Cheers Boz.

  10. nichttuntun

    Wow. BOZ did it again. I don´t know how they do it, but they just do! The analog modelling technique is excellent. This feels so legit. Now I know why there are unfinished Synphonies like Schuberts No. 7 or D 2B or Mahlers No. 10. These guys had “Studio Companion” and chatted along the whole day. Awsome stuff, I´m eagerly waiting for version 2 now. Rumors tell BOZ will build in a chess-playing character. Studio Companion is bigger than life! Get it, get it now!

  11. tinjaw

    This Sh*t really works! Yesterday I was staring at my monitors in despair and today, after purchasing Studio Companion I wrote my first dubstep aria. The whole thing in like… bang! There it was.

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