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Note for M1 Mac Users: This plugin is not yet compiled to work natively on M1 Macs. We are currently in the process of rewriting it so that it will, but it will take some time. In the meantime, it should work under rosetta on M1 Macs.

Skidmark Watermarking Technology provides efficient watermarking tools for you to deal with your stingy customers in confidence and security.

Win (32 and 64 bit): VST, VST3, RTAS
Mac (32 and 64 bit): VST, VST3, RTAS, AU

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It’s a story that we are all too familiar with. You send your client a mix of their song to get feedback, only to find out that they release that song to the public, without even paying you. The next thing you know, you are hearing that song on the radio, and you never see a penny. If only there was a way to get feedback from customers while preventing them from running off with your unpaid mix.

Skidmark Watermarking Technology gives you the security and confidence that you need to protect yourself from those blasted customers that want to hear their songs but haven’t yet paid you. Skidmark uses the latest technology to infuse proprietary, high quality sounds into your mix that will prevent your customers from releasing their songs before they have paid for them.

Many minutes of research went into creating sound samples that are not only pleasant and beautiful, but natural and warm, all while guaranteeing that Gangsta Z won’t be showing his mixes to his mom.

It’s so simple to use. Just set the duty cycle and the volume and sit back and listen to the glorious watermarking technology infuse itself into your mix.

Features our most beautiful user interface yet!

Not only does this plugin let you mix with confidence, it has the most objectively beautiful, stunning and, quite frankly, gorgeous interface of any plugin ever. Some call it rustic, others call it captivating. Some people call it creepy, but they are wrong.

Download Skidmark today and enjoy the benefit that comes from confident mixing.

20 reviews for Skidmark

  1. ihavelostmykeys

    No AAX? Come on…

  2. mister T

    Works great but it’s intermittently noisy.

  3. Wayne Khin

    wow wow wow, I will sure use this plugin during my each presentation to the client. Will definitely place the Plugin window next to the Video as well.

  4. Boxer


  5. Richard Cranieum

    Normally I would write a fluffy, neutral review as not to step on anyone’s toes and to get as many friends as possible on Pace Book. Cause the only real tangible thing out here in cyber space is friends and followers. But clearly this plugin is missing the most important knob, “Stain Density” I would like to leave a really “stained” water mark for those special cheap clients. Close Boz, BUTT not quite there ! Unless however, you are saving that for an update. I still love you anyway man

  6. bbiworld

    Wow…! This is cutting-edge tech! How can this be free? I’ve only just installed it – and it’s already brought my mixes to the next level! Bravo to the technical team at Boz!

  7. timbozim

    I can’t believe what this plugin does to my bass frequencies! I’m excited! Really excited! Especially around 30-50hz! Or lower! My rabbits can even tell when its on the 2bus.

  8. dhen

    Cutting edge!

  9. Rich

    See here…..
    I am spreading the good word………The world will never be the same…..

  10. Bill Washington

    No love for AAX though? guys? guys? AAX ova here 🙂

  11. Tommy Zai

    Within seconds of launching I knew this plugin would change my life . . . FOREVER! Thank you, Boz, for creating something so incredibly revolutionary. If I had a hat, it would be off to you!

  12. kyleknapp

    I don’t know how this thing works, or even what it does, but if it comes from Boz Labs I just GOTTA HAVE IT.
    Worth the price of admission just for the cool interface

  13. Rich

    After using this amazing plugin, my stingy and rip-off clients are not only paying me on time now, they are randomly sending me checks, envelopes of cash, even debit cards and credit cards with the pin-numbers written on the back! One formerly cheap client even flew to Minnesota, USA (where I am) from Mozambique and proceeded to remodel my home AND studio….WHILE PAYING ME!! Thanks Boz!! This thing is BRILLIANT!!

  14. Bob

    Even without ever having used this product, it was immediately clear to me that it is not only indispensable, but also worth every cent I would have spent, had I spent anything on this highly valuable innovative and unique product. Thank you very very much for your generosity at providing this to us and for your hard work at making something that not only will definitely improve my usually inferior work, but which has already made me laugh so hard my laptop almost became a floor-top when it almost fell off my lap. Absolutely fricking brilliant!! [big grateful gap-toothed smile here]

  15. izrecording

    Thanks Boz – Can’t wait to try it. I’ve heard this will even clean my underpants …lookout ladies!

  16. pioump1

    Absolutely brilliant! This breakthrough audio watermarking technology will change the world as we know it.

  17. Russ

    Just used it and sent it to the biggest tight ass client I have – he saw that he couldn’t steal my work this time NOW HE HAS SKIDMARKS!

    Good job, although the price is a little steep at free, I might try and download a crack instead of using the free version.

  18. Ed

    This is the best watermarking tool I’ve come across. Since I’ve been using it, my problems with shady characters has vanished. Thank you Boz for this magical tool!

  19. johnstuff

    This plugin is incredible. I think it even got me pregnant.

  20. danny garner

    if your look for the most innovative mind blowing tool to add to your aresonal look no further… boz labs has done it again this will blow the market wide open if you don’t have this plugin your missing out on a ephipany. don’t wait it may be too late grab it while you can.

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