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Rack Spacer


(32 customer reviews)

Note for M1 Mac Users: This plugin is not yet compiled to work natively on M1 Macs. We are currently in the process of rewriting it so that it will, but it will take some time. In the meantime, it should work under rosetta on M1 Macs.

This started out as a quest. A quest to find a piece of hardware that is ubiquitous to all the classic recording studios, but has never been modelled before. After spending many hours researching and traveling, we noticed one common piece of gear popped up everywhere, and that was the rack spacer.

Rack Spacer perfectly recreates the sound of not just 1, but 4 different rack spacers, all which specialize in different styles of music.

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This started out as a quest. A quest to find a piece of hardware that is ubiquitous to all the classic recording studios, but has never been modeled before. After spending many hours researching and traveling, we noticed one common piece of gear popped up everywhere, and that was the rack spacer.

To our surprise, we learned that nobody had ever attempted to model this piece of classic gear. Maybe it was too hard? Not easily marketed? Whatever it was, we knew we were up to the task.

See it in Action

4 Modes

We weren’t content with just modeling one rack spacer. Often times what works for one style of music falls short on another style. That is why we created 4 different modes, all modeled from different rack spacers.

“It Sounds Exactly Like the Hardware!”

This is the guarantee we make with this product. You don’t need to wonder if this actually sounds like the original hardware. We guarantee that you will not hear any differences between this plugin and the hardware it was modelled on. To prove it, we will offer a full refund to anyone that can prove in a blind test that they can hear a difference. That’s a guarantee you won’t hear  from any other plugin developer.

What Our Users Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. Here what some of our users have to say about Rack Spacer:

  •  “LOL” – This is interpreted to mean it’s funny how amazingly well this plugin works.
  • “I don’t get it” – This user clearly doesn’t understand how it was possible to make such a great emulation.
  • “Uninstalled immediately” – Probably referring to all his other plugins.

32 reviews for Rack Spacer

  1. KushMastaFresh

    I was about to drop the $10 to get a spacer for my rack. What a fool I was! Now that I got this, I’ll never have to get a spacer again! We’re clearly living in the digital age now.

    Just to be certain of the results, I ran some recorded audio (WAV files) through my audio interface with various rack spacers swapped out. Some Gators, Navepoint, Mid Atlantic, etc. Then, after running the same audio through my audio interface sans rack spacers, but only applying the Boz plugin rack spacers, there was (I sh#t you not) a 100% null!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re finally at the point digital can completely emulate analog. I just wish they didn’t eat up so much of my CPU, but considering what you’re getting, it’s well worth it. Also, any plans to port it to UAD format? I’d love to be able to use them with my Apollo 🙁

  2. Arghonaut

    LOL this is so awesome! Thanks guys, you made my day!
    Nice one, thumbs up! 🙂

  3. abrigueiro

    100% sound analog

  4. johnpihel

    nice joke 🙂

  5. igordarchich

    Wow !!!
    What a pity that this plugin I didn’t have before!
    Now I have to redo all my projects !!!

  6. Sound Rehab

    We can finally do it all in the box. Analog days are definitely over now!
    This will change music business like nothing did before. I wouldn’t be surprised if big hardware vendors try to acquire BOZ just to get them off the market …

    For those who still believe in hearing the difference – time to replace those cheap USB cables and get real ones.

  7. helgeschwarz

    Session-Templates updated: Enhanced masterbus-plugin-chain sounds so much cooler.

  8. dannywcasey

    I have a networked DAW, using Vienna Ensemble Pro to spread the overhead of complex arrangements across multiple VST/VSTi server machines. I was pleased to discover I was able to solve the overheating problem I was running into with multiple tube emulation plugins stacked on top of each other in one of my large VE Pro projects! I simply put a “rack spacer” between emulated tube EQ and compressor plugins (side chaining) and like magic – no more overheating or strange audio artifacts! Also, there were no latency issues whatsoever running over a gigabit LAN! I would have given a 5 star review, but I was hoping for a ground loop isolation feature – perhaps in version 2.0?

  9. Richard Bresler

    I like that it doesn’t bog down my computer CPU. thugLife is now a permanent part of my default Propellerhead Reason 2 rack. Excellent programming. Worth every penny.

  10. nemboy

    I have to admit, in a double blind test I couldn’t here a difference, but when I played guitar next to it; it didn’t FEEL the same…ya know? 4 stars

  11. noexceptions999

    I really love this plug! It has really streamlined my workflow. My only comment is that automation seems a little glitchy in Ableton live. Can’t wait for a 500 series and M/S versions!

  12. I was so stunned by the demo video that I couldn’t bring myself to download this gem of a plug-in suite …. still in amazement at how it adds so much detailed depth to the mix. My only problem is that there are only two open slots available in my VST rack, so will need a place to store the other 3 units when when one is in use. Perhaps Boz can follow up with “Rack Drawer” for this purpose?

  13. Jamjestrysiek

    i got it….and i like the joke 🙂
    cheers 🙂

  14. warsleyer

    Straight away it made my digital rack much nicer!

  15. shanm1971

    Thank you so much for offering this Rack Spacer emulation for free! I came close to purchasing one the other day, and now I can use that money to buy a volume inverter instead!

  16. Bernhard van Ham

    Amazing! You guys did it again! Wow!!!

  17. mladi

    2nd best joke from you – best is still imperial delay $299. 😀

  18. Jerry Mateo

    wow its like my rack spacer is actually here with me. I truly feel elite

  19. Matt Mann

    Absolutely BRILLIANT! THE BEST plug-in I have ever heard……PERIOD!! Thanks, Boz!!

  20. varnfake

    Does this requires iLok to use? if so, i will go out and buy one now!! Great stuff ever!

  21. roland.denk

    + FREE!
    + The emulations exactly sound like my good old hardware!
    + Saves me a lot of rack space!
    + FINALLY the ALL-IN-ONE mixing & mastering solution for my kids!

    – They DON’T exactly look like my hardware units, minus one star for that bad GUI-programming!

  22. artzeal

    Dude, word is getting around: A client just called me and asked if I had the Boz Spacer in my virtual rack. I said “yah! And I’m going to make some impulse responses, so we we can get the exact early reflections and room sound you had when you spilled your cheetos on the Studer and we tracked your hit single.” He said “book me the whole week”.
    Dude, the Rack Spacer has already paid for itself.

  23. Blown306

    Awesome! And I found an Easter egg. Insert Thug Life into your FX chain. If you hold your mouse up kinda over your head (pointed downward toward your screen) and click it while grabbing your crotch…you’ll get extra levels of gangsta! \m/

  24. chime.thirteen

    I need a mono version – I can’t use this in a stereo environment!

  25. ematthieu

    Simply unsurpassable !!! I think it’s changing the way i mix and i’m listening music in general !!! Congrats guys !!!

  26. Resonant

    Had to grab this straight away, got a feeling it only free today : )

  27. Steve Cunningham

    This is one of the best emulations I’ve ever heard. All the analog warmth of the original. I bought three of them straight away.

  28. John The Wookiee Hazel

    Could we consider a Wookiee flavoured one, you know looks soft and furry but you always let win

  29. jeff1

    LOL! You really do have to be a stoner to relate. Made my day 🙂

  30. EricBradley

    The Elite Rack is just amazing… and it doesn’t even need a USB-C port.
    This is the game changer of 2015!

  31. Josh

    I don’t know how I ever lived without this – Rack Spacer is revolutionary!

  32. muratb

    Best emulation ever I won’t install ever, because I miss my analog real rack spacer from Funklogic, the ‘Palindrometer’. But glad to know it’s out there 😀

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