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2 Pianos. Same Model.
Nearly a century apart.

Get the timeless charm of the New York L – 1926 and the pristine craftsmanship of the New York L – 1991 with our new piano plugins. And here’s the best part – to celebrate this new launch, both are currently on sale for this-time-only super affordable prices!

New York L - 1926

Built in 1926 in New York, this piano has been kept in pristine condition. The ivories, hammers, strings and soundboard are all original. This piano lived through the great depression, World War II and the filming of the movie “Cats.” This piano produces a resonant, growly tone that only age (and a bit of dust) can accomplish. 

New York L - 1991

This piano was crafted in 1991 in New York and has been meticulously maintained ever since. Recently acquired from a gallery, this piano has been kept in pristine condition, with all its original parts, including the keys, hammers, strings, and soundboard.  The piano produces the warm, clean, and even tone that is characteristic of the builder’s exceptional craftsmanship, a true testament to the builder’s dedication to quality and precision.

Bundle and Save

Get both pianos in the timeless bundle and save.

System Requirements

    MacOS 10.13 or greater (Intel or Apple Silicon)
    Windows 7 or greater
    Disk Space: 8GB (Ideally on a SSD)

    RAM: 8GB

Hear the Difference

Despite the fact that both of these pianos are the same model and built in the same factory, they sound wildly different from each other. 

The NYL 1926 has a warm and rich tone that fills its cozy space, creating a perfect setting for expressive and intimate solo piano pieces. However, it also has some unique and charming imperfections that add to its personality.

The NYL 1991 has a crisp and clear sound that resonates in its spacious room, producing a sophisticated and elegant piano sound that can stand out and blend in with any mix.


• Full, Resonant, Growly

 4 Mic Positions

 Small, Intimate Room


 Clean, Precise, Percussive

 5 Mic Positions

 Spacious, Live Room

About the Pianos

Measuring just shy of 6ft long, the Model L sits right there on the larger end of home pianos, but still considerably shorter than a concert grand. Built in New York, the Model L punches above its weight class for size. 

The Model L combines the elegance and power of a Steinway with the warmth and intimacy of a home instrument. The Model L is a versatile piano that can suit any style and preference, from classical to jazz, from solo to ensemble.

"I’m really liking both pianos. It’s up there with my favs from UVI, Sonic Couture, and the new ones from IK. Looking forward to the release."
"The Steinway New York L pianos are beautiful, part of this is the playability which is responsive and feels very natural even on a cheap controller, paired with the sound which is rich and honestly hard to believe that this is achieved with such a small amount of disk space used." -Jon Wright
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