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New York L FAQ

My plugin cannot find the samples

Solution 1: Make sure the samples are installed on a connected hard drive

    1. Download installer from your downloads page:
    2. Make sure “Samples” is selected.
    3. Finish installer.

Solution 2: If the samples are already installed but the plugin can’t find them

    1. click the “Locat Samples” button in the plugin and browse to the samples folder.
    2. Select folder.
    3. The samples should load.

I want to install this on a computer that is not connected to the internet

You can install manually by downloading a different installer and the samples onto another computer, then copying the files to the offline computer and running the installers

    1. Download installer and samples.

      New York L 1926 Samples
      New York L 1991 Samples
      New York L 1926 Mac
      New York L 1926 Windows
      New York L 1991 Mac
      New York L 1991 Windows

    2. Copy Installer and Samples to offline computer.

    3. Run Installer

    4. Unzip Samples into desired folder. It is recommended you place these on a solid state drive.

    5. Open the plugin.

    6. Click “Locate Samples”

    7. Browse to the location of the samples you unzipped.


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