promo shot 2+10db – ON SALE THROUGH MAY 31!

Modelled after a hardware compressor that has become famous for its signature sound, especially on drums and vocals.

perspective smallImperial Delay ON SALE THROUGH MAY 31!

The delay to end all delays. Gets quick, powerful results.

t-bone promo2


Designed for making quick, smooth tone adjustments for any track.

promo2Panipulator – FREE

The simplest way to check your mix for mono compatibility on different systems.

Our Philosophy – Subtle is Boring

We all know how easy it is to get tricked into thinking we are hearing something that isn’t there. Here at Boz Digital Labs, we have decided we aren’t going to play that game. It’s too easy to be deceitful. It’s too easy to trick people into thinking that they are hearing something that isn’t there by using elusive buzz words. We don’t want any part of it.

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