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Note for M1 Mac Users: This plugin is not yet compiled to work natively on M1 Macs. We are currently in the process of rewriting it so that it will, but it will take some time. In the meantime, it should work under rosetta on M1 Macs.

Sasquatch Kick Machine gives you massive low end in your kick drums, and lets you dial it in exactly the way you want it to sound. From deep thumping kicks to tight natural enhancement, to wacky sound FX, Sasquatch lets you get there easily.

Free Little Foot

When you buy Sasquatch, you also get a copy of Little Foot for free.


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  • Augment or completely mutilate your kick drum.
  • Separate control over Beater Click and Oomph.
  • Simple 3 knob interface for quick drag and drop functionality.
  • Advanced controls for fine tuning the Beater Click and Oomph.

Sasquatch Kick Machine is designed to give you complete control over the sound of your kick drum. Whether you need to subtly add a little oomph or completely redesign the sound of your kick drum, Sasquatch makes it simple to get the exact sound you need. It also lets you adjust the beater click and body separately, making your creativity the only limitation.

Because of its advanced triggering algorithm, you will never have to worry about mistriggers or false triggers with Sasquatch. There is no need to fiddle around with transient sensitivity or hysteresis that samplers require. Whether you are playing quarter notes or 1/64th notes, Sasquatch will process your kick drum naturally (or unnaturally, whatever you want).

Sasquatch is not a sample replacement plugin. There is no library of samples that Sasquatch is playing. All the processing is performed by analyzing the incoming audio and applying filtering and synthesis to compliment your already existing kick drum.


18 reviews for Sasquatch Kick Machine

  1. Matthias Bell

    First of all Sasquatch is different, as others stated before. It looks like a one trick pony, and indeed, it is. But if you are looking for a tool to really design your recorded Kickdrums, this one will do the job. Without using a drum replacer or struggling around with EQ/Dynamics or other tools you can easily find the sound you are looking for. OK, the GUI and the workaround is a little odd at first sight, but when you’re familiar with it, you can get good results in a very short time. To me it is outstanding and I can really recommend this for everyone who is looking for a new way of designing a Kickdrum. The developer is really helpful and reasonable with prizing and deals like on this Black Friday.

  2. rosydave

    Supercalifragilist…I don’t know of any other piece of kit, hard- or soft, that does what Sasquatch does. UA’s Voice Of God does what it does well but Sas can morph a signal into all sorts of things – a kick sound into a snare-ish or brush – if the original sound is natural, the morphed sound stays natural although it ‘s nothing like the original. Definitely one of my top ten plugins. And for kick…if you want your track to groove and throb yet stay within the laws of recorded sonics, Sasquatch. Boz, I wish you a lucrative corporate buy-out and an ensuing life of ease. Anything else in the works?

  3. Mastermind0908

    Sasquatch is a great low end transient enhancement plugin with smart controls. I’m excited to see what Boz Digital Labs will release in the future.

  4. danmanisa

    The fact that this thing helped me with a mix in 3 minutes, when it would have taken me close to 20 to achieve the same thing with more complicated routing says a lot about what it can do. It’s not all about crazy, this thing does subtlety by the bucket load too….wait, it that an oxymoron.
    Never mind, you’d be a plain moron not to invest. Well worth it!

  5. Yes, it’s a great plugin. I’ve always wanted to make 808 samples out of my own recorded drums, now it’s possible. I can’t wait to use it on some other instruments…so much experiments and fun awaits.

  6. manfromglass

    I upgrade my review – this is some seriously creative shit. I’m messing with a tabla track in a way that brings some nice magic! This is not just for Kick Drums baby!

  7. Samth3man

    Sasquatch is one of the most unique plugins I have ever seen. Its definitely NOT another underwhelming “vintage modeled emulation” of some compressor…. just forward-thinking and cutting edge awesomeness! It reminds me of something that iZotope would make, only better! 🙂

  8. dejanilly

    just great,….it just make your kick better 🙂

  9. slumpie

    Thanks for this great plugin.

    Also using BarkofDog which, I think, is also a very useful plugin.

  10. Nick

    The Sasquatch Kick Machine is totally amazing! It’s one plugin that is noticeably great straight up, then gets even better with time. I’ve used every technique I could find to get a powerful kick, but nothing comes close to this. Just try out the demo and discover the magic.

  11. manfromglass

    what those other dudes said but more. I hope I win those prizes now, I never win nothing. It’s so sad sometimes but it could be worse – I could be a drummer!!

  12. ohhdavey86

    Finally….so simple to get a perfect kick sound!! Love it

  13. Bob Thomas

    This plug has so many uses it may take me months to try them all. Whether you are after huge low end, bass drops, kick attack, snare crack or subtle reinforcement of kick, snare or toms, the ease at which you can dial it in makes this plug one of a kind! Well done.

  14. hargon

    Nothing subtle about it: Gives massive impact to low end.

  15. btrox

    Yes, yes and yes- love on first insert… congrats on a job very well done!

  16. timebanditpowles

    “to the men and/or women who have built the proverbial kicker of all that it chooses to…. congrats- i’ve used replacers, samplers and multiple tracks often- and often in obtuse and original ways- so, however you want to use it, the Sasquatch adds totally variable power and character to the one source track, with detailed eclectic controls.. AND…. it’s still YOUR sound…. BUT…..dangerously improved… and brings things to life in a Frankenstein kind of Analog way in the Digi realm…. it’s Punk- actually- . ” timEbandit- drum radical and producer from the Southern Hemisphere

  17. emile67

    pats boom, there it is : magic…

  18. Brandon Drury

    Sasquatch is my most fun audio discovery of 2013. I do 50% electronic work and 50% real, local bands.

    I’m absolutely in love with it for allowing me to add attack, add HUGE low end (if I want i), or even replace the low end in a kick, snare, or tom. Fun!

    The electronic side is a total blast. I hate scrolling through samples. Now I just make what I want in seconds. This is the real deal. It’s a plugin worth being excited for if you ask me.

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