Transgressor is Now Available

Transgressor is now available for purchase, and we are more than just a little bit excited to get this into your hands. Transgressor is a new standard in how transient design should work. Rather than just giving you control over your transient levels, Transgressor lets you EQ your transient and […]

Stereo Guitar 8

Double tracking guitars has become a pretty standard practice for getting electric guitars to sound larger than life. Turn on the radio today and almost every rock song you hear has double tracked guitars. I wanted to find a way to make my guitar sound bigger without having to double […]

Ward-Beck Systems and The Hoser

We often get asked what equalizer we used as a model when we created The Hoser. We are happy to announce that the hardware is a Ward-Beck Systems M462B. For those unfamiliar with the history, Ward-Beck Systems is a Canadian hardware manufacturer and has been a key player in making […]

Mixing Contest!!! 313

Update: The contest is now ended. We are now going through the submissions and picking a winner. There were lots of submissions and we want to make sure each one gets a fair listen, so hang tight. When we choose a winner we will announce it through our email list […]

Imperial Delay 1.5 2

Imperial Delay 1.5 has officially been released. Existing owners of Imperial Delay can upgrade for free. You can upgrade by going into your account page here. Here is a list of the new features: Separate control over Left and Right delays New Presets Better Preset Management A/B bank Improved Smear […]

T-Bone 1.5 Available Now 3

T-Bone has officially been updated to version 1.5.1. While this version doesn’t have any huge changes, it does have a couple features that many people have been asking for. Changes: Separate HPF/LPF engage buttons. This was our most common feature request after the release of the original T-Bone Adjusting the […]