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About the Plugin

This think kicks butt, and I can’t wait for you to try it. Until then, I’ll just talk about it a little bit. This thing is what you get when you cross a transient designer with an EQ. I absolutely love this thing for shaping the sound of drums. And not just subtle shaping. This thing gives you so much control over the sound of your drums without resorting to sample replacement.

You get separate control over your transient and your sustain with a 3 band EQ for each, which means you can eq the attack separately from the sustain. This opens up tons of possibilities that you just can’t do with eq and compression.

Do you want the transient from one snare, but the sustain from another? Easy peasy.

Add or remove beater click with ease. And it’s all natural. There’s no synthesis or sample replacement going on, just pure, unadulterated control over your percussion.

This plugin just makes shaping your drums sooooo much easier.

Audio Example

This is just a quick audio example I pulled together to show how you can do extreme drum shaping without sample replacement. I took the boomiest kick and the softest snare and turned them into deep, tight, hard hitting drums. No sample replacement involved. But it’s not just for metal. You can take hard drums and make them squishy soft. there’s really no limit.





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