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Update: The contest is now ended. We are now going through the submissions and picking a winner. There were lots of submissions and we want to make sure each one gets a fair listen, so hang tight. When we choose a winner we will announce it through our email list and facebook, and contact the winner directly.

In the meantime, the tracks will remain available to download for those who missed the contest but still want to mix the tracks for practice.

Boz Digital Labs and David Bendeth are holding a mixing contest with awesome prizes. Contest Ends Aug 21, so get your mixes in early.



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1st Place: All Boz Digital Labs plugins for life! This means that you get all BDL plugins that have been made or ever will be made.  That means there will be one less person in the world who wants me dead.

And a PRS SE 245 signed by Paul Reed Smith.

2nd Place: You take home +10db Bundle and Hoser XT.

3rd Place: Your choice of either +10db Bundle or Hoser XT.

Random Contestant: One random contestant will win their choice of either +10db Bundle or Hoser XT.  This person will be chosen randomly.

The Song

I’d describe this song as a modern rock ballad, but I don’t want my opinion of the song swaying your mixing decisions, so listen to it yourself and judge how you want the final mix to sound.

You can listen to the song mixed by Greg Johnson. Keep in mind that this is a contest to see how you can do mixing it, so don’t use this as any sort of a golden reference or anything. Use your own creative judgement.

Title: Believe

Written By: Josh Paschke and Greg Johnson

Performed By: I Am Cassettes – Josh Paschke (Vocals), Jon Levario (Guitar), Darren Garcia (Drums), Greg Johnson (Keyboards) and Kevin Garcia (Bass)

Tracked By: Greg Johnson

BPM: 74 at 6/8

How to Enter

– Step 1 –

Download the stems. There are 4 separate zip files. They are big, so be patient. Choose either Mirror1 or Mirror2 (not both) for each section. The files are the same.

Drums: Mirror1, Mirror2

Vocals: Mirror1, Mirror2

Orchestra: Mirror1, Mirror2

Guitars: Mirror1, Mirror2

Note: These stems are tracked at 48kHz. Most DAWs should be able to handle the sample rate conversion just fine if you want to mix in 44.1kHz, but I wanted to let you know in case it throws anybody off.

– Step 2 –

Mix your song. Duh.

– Step 3 –

PAY ATTENTION!! THIS IS IMPORTANT. Upload your song to www.soundlcoud.com  and tag it with #bdl2015mix. If you don’t do this, we will not see nor hear your song. Make sure that your track is downloadable so that we can hear the original version without Soundcloud’s compression. It’s in your best interest to use high bit rate mp3s when uploading.

If you don’t have an account, you can make one quickly for free.

– Step 4 –

Just wait. We will go through and listen to all the songs once the deadline is here and we will announce the winner.


1) One Entry Per Person. You can enter one song. You are free to post your mix for feedback on other forums or Facebook or whatever, but once you submit it, you have submitted it.

2) Submit your mix by August 21. Any submissions entered after this date will be ignored. There doesn’t exist a single excuse in the world that will make us change our mind on this, so don’t procrastinate.

3) No whining. This is supposed to be fun. Not everybody will agree with the winner. Just accept that fact now so we can all move on and have a good time.

4) Give Feedback to Other Contestants. This isn’t really a rule, but just some advice. The whole point of this is so we can all get better. By giving feedback on other people’s mixes, not only will they learn, but so will you. Be nice about it. I shouldn’t have to say that.

5) Have Fun. If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong. The whole point of this contest is to learn and get better. Any emails I received telling me that I should die or my house should be burned down will be ignored and forwarded directly to your mom.

Other Thoughts

This is not a loudness contest. Smashing your mix into oblivion is not the purpose. That said, keep in mind that the people judging the mixes are actual humans and subject to the laws of psychoacoustics.

Be creative.  This is your chance to try new things without consequences. Get out of your comfort zone a bit and have fun with it.

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