Clipping is a great way to transparently control the peaks of your tracks. When done subtly, clipping will make compressors and reverb sound more natural down the line, and give your mix an overall cohesive feel. But clippers have one glaring issue: They really fall apart when you push them too hard. There seems to be a very thin line between adding cohesion and breaking apart into a distorted mess. That’s where Big Clipper comes in. Big Clipper gives you the controls to be able to push it hard without breaking apart. Whether you need subtle clipping or heavy overdrive, Big Clipper handles it with ease.

Is it a Clipper or a Limiter?

It’s both! And you get to control how to combine them together.

Big Clipper lets you blend the limiter and the clipper in 4 different ways (2 crossover modes, Blend Mode, and Serial Mode) giving you quick access to all sorts of clipping flavors.

Frequency Sensitivity

This is an incredibly powerful set of controls. It looks like an EQ, but instead of being a simple EQ, it adjusts the sensitivity the clipper has to the different frequencies. So if you want to distort the low end less, just turn down the sensitivity on the low end.

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7 reviews for Big Clipper

  1. charliedm

    This is an excellent plugin. It’s very intuitive, sounds great and is really fun to use. Very happy with this, thank you.

  2. brett

    Finally! I have been looking for the right kind of distoration for bass. Something that will keep the balls but add enough grit to make things nasty. This is it! Here it is on bass in this track (if the link shows up). It’s also very expressive responding nicely to the playing nuances to retain that alive feel, plus balls and nastiness! Get it!

  3. Rob Stratford

    Intuitive, easy to use, sonically brilliant and truly versatile. Set the dirt between mild sandiness to raging thunderstorm, so easy to do thanks to the various tonal blending and levelling tools, adding weight, volume, presence and liveliness to your tracks and stems. I’ve tried it on distorted guitar bus, snare track and in parallel with mid/side processing on a drum bus with fantastic results. Can’t wait to try it on bass! A great plugin that you will never tire of using. Cheers, Boz!

  4. Randyrocker

    Right beside where it says STEREO/ MID+SIDE etc; there’s a spinning adjustment that is turned all the way to the right? As far as I know when something’s STEREO or MID+SIDE, you would want the knob you spin to be in the middle to turn to taste. Why is it that you have it to the extreme right? The same thing on the TRANSGRESSOR? Would you please explain so it makes sense?

  5. TheScientist

    This plugin is amazing! I’m still getting in to it but so far the tones I have been able to create are fantastic. With subtle clipping it is very similar to clipping my converters, extra RMS with no loss to the overall dynamic feel, push it harder and you can make things swiftly get inserted in to their own rear end!
    Randyrocker, that adjustment pot you’re talking about is the wet and dry mix. RTFM dude

  6. justminer

    Bought this on a whim, mainly to help control some drum dynamics – turns out it sounds great and is easy to dial in. Great on snare, drum bus, bass, etc – and is now making its way into most sessions. Just the right amount of tweakability without being overly complex. Output level adjustment was an appreciated update as well.


    useful across so many applications