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Made in conjuction with David Bendeth, +10db is a channel strip plugin meticulously modeled after one David’s personal hardware compressor unit that you’ve heard on some of the hardest hitting albums made. Unless you refuse to listen to any music after Beethoven, you most certainly have heard this unit in action. Best yet, this is the first time this hardware unit has been available in plugin format.

This bundle gives you 3 plugins:

Available Formats






  • Super punchy attack
  • Killer drum compressor
  • Unique analog EQ

+10db is the first of it’s kind channel strip plugin modelled after David Bendeth’s personal compressor unit. We didn’t just use the hardware unit for inspiration, we dug in deep and made sure that it sounded just like the original. If you’ve ever listened to Breaking Benjamin or Paramore, or any of the other countless other records mixed by David Bendeth, one of the first things you’ll notice is how damn punchy the drums sound. This unit is a critical part of his drum mixing chain, and now it can be a part of yours.

Professional Testimonials

“Like DB, this thing is pure rock’n’roll!  We’re loving the way it sounds on drums here.”

     – Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Kiss)

“The +10db recreates a piece of gear that may not be as ubiquitous as other well known counterparts, however the original’s sonic signature has made it a well kept (until now) secret weapon for me and countless other engineers. From the beautiful smash of the compressor/limiter to the oft forgotten, but unique sounding eq section, this plug-in recreates the personality of the hardware with aplomb.”

     -Neal Avron (Linkin Park, Sara Bareilles, Switchfoot)

“It’s what I had hoped it would be. Big, open, punchy and versatile. Very happy to have it in my arsenal. Thanks DB!”

     -Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound Mastering (Billy Joel, Green Day, Talking Heads, Norah Jones, Mastodon)

Why did we model this unit?

It seems like everybody is modeling hardware these days, but we wanted to do something a little different. We didn’t want to model any hardware units that have been done a million times. We wanted to do something that had never been done before but has been an icon in the recording industry, and the only way to do that was to team up with producer/mixer David Bendeth. He just happened to have a few of these in his rack, so he sent us one to pore over.

Unless you stopped listening to music after “Johnny B Goode” then you have most definitely heard this hardware unit many many times. Think of Led Zeppelin drums.

In order to get this same compressor in hardware, not only would you have to pay over $2,000 to get one, but you’d have to deal with all the other drawbacks of using analog hardware. For a very small fraction of the price, you can get that same sound in the much more convenient software format. There are really no downsides (unless you live in Alaska an need a room heater)

A few extra features

Since we weren’t bound by the limits of the analog hardware, we took the liberty of adding a couple features that make this even more powerful than the original hardware. For one, we added a “Dry Passthrough” knob that makes parallel compression super easy, without having to set up extra buses.

3 Plugins in 1

When you buy the +10db bundle, you actually walk away with three separate plugins: +10db Compressor, +10db Equaliser and +10db Channel Strip.


25 reviews for David Bendeth’s +10db Bundle

  1. Bondus

    One of my favourite aggressive drum compressors. But please update to work on Monterey / M1 Plugin was last updated in 2017.

  2. Clifton

    These are the days. The days to create, create, and create. Boz, has done it again with a rare, intuitive, and extremely musical set of tools designed with one of the giants in the art of sound. There are many choices for sure though for those who want to create art for the sake of humanity, enhancing the species, and quietly change the world. We know that it begins with the personal weapons of choice that we gather up to move on our journey. Take a chance on this impressive suite and see if it makes sense to add to your arsenal of tools to transcend space and time. Ars. Nova. Strata . . .

  3. randomaction

    I love Boz Plugins but these have been a disappointment.The eq is grainy and harsh and I haven’t found anything it sounds good on. The compressor is ok but it hasn’t improved anything I’ve put it on yet. Just kind of bland. I hate feeling like I spent money on this and now it’s just going to go to waste.

  4. fridburg

    these are wonderful plugins, I just did not expect it, I can say that I am very pleased with the purchase

  5. muse

    I’m made up that this plugin has been produced! I have two F769 Stressors and a very old stereo F760. These plugins really do produce the same results. The EQ (Helios vibe) is superb on drums, bass, vocals & guitar etc. providing a superb & very unique tight Q, yet giving very smooth result. The compressor is very rock & roll, with a limiter combined that smacks really well. The extra bonus is the mix control for parallel processing… I’m so happy! SO many engineers have still missed out on this unique design, so buy it! & I’m not sponsored!!

  6. S1M1S

    Absolutely slaps.

  7. Razzia

    Love it. The compressor/expander sounds great and I like the EQ almost as much as the Hoser. I’m not sure how exactly to describe it, but when you drive the input it does something really nice with the midrange.

    I do wish the input and output stages had a bit more range on them though. It seems to make the track quieter even without the compressor engaged, and it can sometimes be a little bit of a pain to check your work with loudness matching. It’s a small complaint though, for an otherwise excellent good plugin(s).

  8. UrKraft-TonStudio

    Oh mein Gott… ich mein natürlich “Peak” … Aua…haha…
    Kommt schon mal vor … nicht wahr…

  9. UrKraft-TonStudio

    Gekauft am “Black Friday” Sale!
    Also das Plugin ist schon wirklich sehr eigen, man merkt dem Plugin auch das Alter an, also das es aus den 70er oder 80er Jahre von echter Hardware gemoddelt wurde. Man hört den “Expander” tatsächlich wenn er etwas macht, die grüne LED zeigt das auch gut an. Im Sounddesign ist das oft ja auch so ein Gefühl, ein Kollege neben dir im Studio hört vielleicht gar nicht was du meinst, aber Du sagst “Ja das ist es, so wollte ich das haben”. Schade das es kein “Manual” gibt, wo man den Kurven verlauf sieht, mit dem Dip Schalter, verstehe ich nur so halb, da hätte ich gerne ein Beispiel. Der EQ scheint kein High oder Low Shelf zu haben, sondern nur Pick und Dip, wobei der Dip sowas wie ein Anulierer zu sein scheint!? Sieht so aus als würde er wie die “Pultek EQ” an der Stelle Arbeiten?
    Klasse Plugin Klasse Sound, Heftige Reserven das Plugin greift tief in die Wav ein und holt im guten Verhältnis auch die leisen Töne raus. Was unglaublich den Klang färbt, in die Richtung wie er Ursprünglich war oder ist. Würde ich wieder Kaufen, die BOZ Plugins sind sowie so alle ganz Speziell.

  10. Chucaro Albaradize

    The way the SC EQ and the expander on this plugin behave makes it such an especial unit, but let me tell you it sounds great also. Run any harsh sound into it and even without touching the controls it will already (slightly) sound better. Now use the SC EQ and control those undesired frequency specific peaks. The auto-release comes very handy as well, not to mention the limiter and the mix knob. I have to admit I haven’t used the gate much here but I wouldn’t doubt for a second that it sounds great.

  11. RickSpyder

    Rick Spyder here, The Hoser has a indescribable wow factor that is, and constantly suprises me as i use it. This EQ is becoming one of my three main EQ’s for everything. The top end is the best i’ve heard in a plug. Great bargain. A MUST HAVE, Enjoy

  12. Duane Neillson

    Bad Ass!!!! I’ve told friends and friends of friends, and people who are not even musicians about this plug-in – as I’m sure it’ll make everyones lives better! Thanks a million! Duane

  13. Dex J

    Stunning sounding Plugins.

  14. mrwiz2rd9

    I want to help programmer with making more customers is to bring out more free preset for your product it keep customers happy they tell there friends and so on.Company who take the time get engineers to do this I don’t want let users of Cakewalk to know this I got my copy the day it came out. Not enough presets to really give a good review. I Have over 17 years in computers and software I own over 700 plug-ins I know what i’m talking about

  15. prajek9

    Plugin is great sounding

  16. aryeah86

    Just great sounding plugin!
    I don’t buy lot’s of plugins, only the really good ones, and you guys nailed it.

  17. Paulo

    I’m amazed and surprised by this excelent plugin! Incredible sound and goes beyond any expectations! Love it! Thanks all the boz digital stuff! Keep the good work!!

  18. Henrik Hjortnaes


  19. baiie

    Das beste was ich bis jetzt gehört habe .Super Jungs machen Sie weiter so

  20. danny garner

    you just keep cranking out amazing stuff boz ive been toying around with this and I just cant get it to sound bad. I look forward to what you come up with next.

  21. siegym

    Nothing out there sounds like this thing. Kudos to you both for making not only a unique product in the saturated world of plugins, but also an insanely good and useful one.

  22. Joe_04_04

    Apologies, forgot to add a star rating.

  23. Joe_04_04

    The EQ is super smooth. You can get extremely gentle sounds from it or you can make some extremely radical sounds with it. The compressor is the same. It can be both smooth and aggressive as hell. Its much more versatile than its marketed. I’ve used it on a number of sources outside of drums. Very great strip.. and something totally new to the plugin world.

  24. brian7oe

    Great Plugin!!!

  25. jantelis

    This is amazing! my new favorite plugin, it sounds incredible!! Thanks

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