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My Plugin Keeps Asking Me to Register

If you entered your registration information and it registers, but the next time you open your plugin it asks you to register again, follow these steps to resolve it.

Mac Users

  1. Download and place this file in your  “/Library/Application Support/Boz Digital/” folder.
  2. Download and place this file in your “/Library/Application Support/Boz Digital/[PLUGIN NAME]” folder. Do this for each plugin that isn’t registering.
  3. Open the username.txt that you just placed in your /Library/Application Support/Boz Digital/ folder using any simple text editor.
  4. Copy and paste your username from your Downloads Page into this file. Make sure there are no extra lines or spaces. Just your username
  5. Save and close your username.txt file.
  6. Open the serial.txt file that you placed in your /Library/Application Support/Boz Digital/[PLUGIN NAME] folder.
  7. Copy and paste your serial number from your Downloads Page. Paste it exactly as it shows on your downloads page. Make sure there are no extra lines or spaces.
  8. Save and close your serial.txt file.

Your plugin should now be registered.

Windows Users

Run the installer as Administrator

  1. Right-Click the installer.
  2. Select “Run as Administrator”
  3. Complete installation process

Your plugin should now be able to correctly save the registration information.


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