Tracking Without Headphones

  It’s a well known fact that vocalists are an odd breed of people (I can say this because I now consider myself a vocalist, as proven below). Their water has the be the exact right brand and temperature, they generally sing best after a two hour yoga session, and they get sick ALL THE… Read More

Groove3 Free All Access Pass for 30 days

Note: This coupon code is now expired. A big thanks to Groove3 for letting us get in for free. We are excited to announce that you can get access to the entire set of Groove3’s tutorials for free for 30 days. They were kind enough to hook me up with a coupon code for a… Read More

Stereo Guitar

Every once in a while I learn a new trick that I don’t know how I lived without before. This is one of them. Three years after trying this for the first time, I could never go back to tracking guitars the old way again. Double tracking guitars has become a pretty standard practice for… Read More