T-Bone 1.5 Available Now

TBoneScreenShot T-Bone has officially been updated to version 1.5.1. While this version doesn’t have any huge changes, it does have a couple features that many people have been asking for. Changes:

  • Separate HPF/LPF engage buttons. This was our most common feature request after the release of the original T-Bone
  • Adjusting the HPF/LPF with your mouse now automatically enables the HPF/LPF.
  • Fixed graphics glitch that was showing up in some DAWs.

IMPORTANT! Because we added an extra switch to the plugin, it is possible that upgrading to the new version will change the settings of T-Bone from previous projects that had an older version of T-Bone in use. We have checked to make sure that it upgrades smoothly without messing up any settings, and so far in every DAW we’ve tested, the upgrade was seamless, but we can’t guarantee

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that every DAW will play nicely.

Upgrade for Free

If you already own T-Bone, you can upgrade for free by going to your account page (http://www.bozdigitallabs.com/my-account/) and download the latest version.

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